Spider-Man 3

Reviewed by Shawn Kennedy, Posted on 2007-06-10


Developer: Treyarch Publisher: Activision
Release Date: May 4, 2007 Also On: PS2, PS3, Wii & Xbox 360

Comic books based on movies, none of this is new in the video game marketplace. Most of them aren't that great, but Spider-Man has been changing the trend lately. Spider-Man 2 was one of the best comic book games out there at release. Bringing in a more open-ended type game like GTA, Spider-Man 2 was just flat out fun to play. Ultimate Spiderman added to the success, allowing you to play as Spider-Man and Venom in separate storylines. There were a lot of appearances from other Marvel characters, who added to many mini games within Ultimate Spider-Man. With Spider-Man 3 now available, does it continue the great success of the Spider-Man franchise?

In Spider-Man 3, you really won't be following the storyline from the movie, much like Spider-Man 2. However, you will run into most of the movie characters and find a few missions relating to the movie. For the most part, you will be fighting gangs and taking missions based off of the Daily Bugle, Crime Investigation, and fighting multiple villains from the series.

Visually speaking, Spider-Man 3 is not up to next-gen standards. It looks as though it could easily be run off of a PS2 or Xbox. There is very little attention to detail and very little polish to make the game stand out. Character models are rather repetitive and bland, except for the villains and Spidey himself. Even the water does not look right, not rippling realistically at all. Buildings are very flat and the cars are boxy. There is not a lot in the environment that is destructible, which is a shame after you see the movie.

Each of the characters in the game are played by their real-life counterparts. While this is nice, the dialogue gets extremely repetitive. When you hear the same one liners about ten times during one boss fight, it gets on your nerves rather quickly. The score and sound effects add to the game however. You can turn it up loud like you are watching the movie.

Control wise, the game is rather weak. There are a lot of button combinations for you to bat down your enemy with, but for the most part you will just be button mashing. Web swinging is a bit intuitive, and can be fun for a while, but it gets old quickly. Early on, you really have no skills so the game can kind of be a challenging, but once you start learning some powerful attacks, Spider-Man 3 is a cake walk of a game. After about the 10th mission, I did not feel challenged anymore. There is no difficulty slider either which means you are dealing with some pathetic enemy AI that just want to be beaten by you.

There are only 42 missions in the game with only a handful of side quests. I personally finished all the main quests in about 12 hours and most of the side quests in 3 more hours. While the game can be played again as Black Spider-Man for some butt stomping fun, there really is not too much here. This is an easy game that won't keep you busy for long, almost like Spider-Man 2: Special Edition. If you really need a Spidey fix, go out and find Spider-Man 2 or even Ultimate Spider-Man. They are better games that will keep you occupied longer. Spider-Man 3 is really only worth a rental, but definitely not worth it's $60 price tag.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 6
Creativity: 5
Replay Value/Game Length: 7
Final: 6.2
Written by Shawn Review Guide

Reviewed by Shawn Kennedy