Reviewed by Shawn Kennedy, Posted on 2008-02-11


Developer: Sidhe Interactive Publisher: Sidhe Interactive
Release Date: December 12, 2007 Also On: PS3 & Xbox 360

If you combine a puzzle-type game like Super Monkey Ball with a racing game like Mario Kart, you get GripShift. This racer adds another decent XBLA and PlayStation Store title on the marketplace that actually offers a lot for what the game is worth. There is plenty to do in GripShift that you probably will not get bored of it for a while. Offering 120 challenging levels (Monkey Ball type levels) and 25 racing maps with power ups and weapons like Mario Kart. Throw multiplayer into the mix and GripShift is a good game to try for the price you pay.

The Challenge Mode is very similar to the puzzles in Super Monkey Ball because you are moving through a course to a goal, avoiding obstacles and looking for shortcuts along the way. There are 120 levels that can be beaten without much effort at all, and with the same starting vehicles. As you progress, you earn some meaningless unlockables that you really will not care much about. You do not seem to be rewarded for anything in the challenge mode. The race mode has even less of a purpose and the AI is kind of easy to beat.

Multiplayer is what holds GripShift together. You are given three modes: Deathmatch, Single Race, and Championship. There are unique maps to fit each gametype so you can maximize your fun. Weapons you will be able to get your hands on include missiles, oil slicks, and shields of all sort. Other difficulty settings open a few different weapons, but not nearly as many as Mario Kart.

Visually, GripShift stands up very well as an arcade title. It is visually appealing and the design scheme is superb. There is definitely a lot of fun to have here with 4 players online, but it will probably get boring playing by yourself. There is a lot to do and it should warrant a purchase to kart racing fans. I recommend giving GripShift a try.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 7
Creativity: 6
Replay Value/Game Length: 8
Final: 7
Written by Shawn Review Guide

Reviewed by Shawn Kennedy