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10 Best Campaign Playlists in Halo: MCC

10 Best Campaign Playlists in Halo: MCC

Halo games offer some of the greatest campaigns in video game history. There’s a neat feature in the Halo: Master Chief Collection where you can select playlists made of the greatest missions in the games. Here are the 10 best campaign playlists in Halo: MCC.

This list will only include the cross-game playlists and is not ranked in a particular order.

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Me and My Hog

Open road. A Warthog. Lots of destruction ensures.

In this playlist, you ride in the fan-favorite classic ride of Halo, the Warthog. This playlist includes four epic missions from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4. These missions are fast-paced and you can ride shotgun with another UNSC Marine or drive the Warthog.

Hogs, Jets, Tanks, and Mechs

All the toys. All in one setlist.

This playlist is exactly what the title says. You’re armed to the teeth with war machines and ready to raise hell. This playlist includes four destructive missions from Halo CEA, Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4. However, this playlist does not support co-op play, unlike many other playlists.

Welcome to the Jungle

Cut your way through the dense jungle and every enemy in your path.

In this playlist, you battle against waves of foes in lush, wild woodlands. This playlist includes four missions from Halo CEA, Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4 and these missions are some of the best-looking ones in all the games.

Epic Battles

Relive the most epic battles from the Master Chief Saga.

The title says it all. You play as the Chief and fight four of the most epic battles in the Saga and this playlist includes missions from Halo CEA, Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4.

Brutal Battles

Engage in brutal combat against the Covenant’s most ferocious fighters.

Fight the Covenant’s finest as the Master Chief and Noble Six in this unforgiving and memorable playlist. You can’t play co-op in this playlist, so try to see how you’ll fare against the most ferocious warriors of the Covenant, single-handedly. This playlist includes six missions from Halo Reach, Halo 2A, and Halo 3.

Get in the Ring

Explore the Halo rings, stop the galaxy from being destroyed.

Explore the Titular Halo Rings and fight through waves of Covenant aliens in these three great missions from Halo CEA, Halo 2A, and Halo 3.


Destroy the Flood across the universe. 

The flood is arguably the most terrifying enemy in the Halo games, and that makes this playlist all the more thrilling and fun. This rather big playlist includes seven missions from Halo CEA to Halo 3.

Final Four

Perform the final escape from each of the Master Chief’s adventures.

The final missions of many Halo games include insanely destructive and action-packed escapes via vehicles, and you get to play as the Chief who’ll make the great escape after ensuring the success of his final objective in this amazing playlist, which includes missions from Halo CEA to Halo 4.

The Legendary Master Chief Saga

Every mission from every game.

This playlist is strictly for the most hardcore Halo players because the difficulty level is Legendary and there are 24 skulls. This is a huge playlist and it sure will be quite an experience. If you think this is too unforgiving, which it is, try the Master Chief Saga.


All battles on your home turf. Time to do some house cleaning.

In this playlist, you play as the Chief who attempts to defend and fight against waves of enemies who decided to invade the UNSC bases. Includes eight missions from Halo CEA to Halo 4.

You’ve reached the end of the list! These are the 10 best campaign playlists in Halo: MCC. We hope you’ll enjoy these neat compilations of iconic missions.

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