10 Best Guns in Fallout New Vegas

10 Best Guns in Fallout New Vegas

Prefer the good old, trusty Guns to be your weaponry of choice? Fallout New Vegas offers a wide arsenal of ranged weapons ranging from Pistols to Plasma Rifles, but some of us love the old-school bad boys. So here are the 10 best guns in Fallout New Vegas.

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Paciencia is a unique hunting rifle introduced with the Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC. This looks like a plain old hunting rifle and many players may be initially disappointed to know that there is no scope on this gun. But the iron sights offer magnification that matches a high-end scope. The main specialty of this rifle is its critical hit damage which offers x3 more damage on hit. Aim with this rifle right, and you’ll blow the heads off of Fiends and Deathclaws alike.

Medicine Stick

Imagine, a western town. A bounty hunter walks in, holding a Repeater rifle. Then suddenly, walks three men out of the Saloon, all armed to the teeth. The bounty hunter instantly recognizes the men. For him, they are three walking bags of Dollars. He opens fire and the three men are turned to fairy dust in mere seconds. You are that bounty hunter with the Medicine Stick. Enough said.

.44 Revolver

Now, imagine the aforementioned Bounty Hunter with a double-action revolver instead of a classic Single-action. It’s way past the 23rd century in New Vegas after all. The 44 Magnum is the most powerful handgun ever made. It packs a serious punch. You have six bullets in the cylinder and that’s enough to kill anything that moves. Be sure to ask your enemies if they feel lucky before you fill them with hot lead.

Also, try the Lucky Revolver if you prefer a single-action revolver.

The unique variant Mysterious Magnum is also quite good.


This unique assault rifle is the best AR in the game. It has a long-range scope and fires quite fast for a Semi-Auto. Perfect rifle for picking off groups of enemies from afar. It looks cool too, with its unique paint job.

Also, there’s a high chance that you’ll mod your Fallout game. Try this guide: https://vivanewvegas.github.io/

Riot Shotgun

This is probably the best Shotgun in the game. You can modify it too. It fires insanely fast and can tear through enemies as if they were paper. Offers great damage. Use the Shotgun Surgeon perk to become a war machine with this gun.

CZ57 Minigun

This unique minigun improves upon almost every aspect of the common counterpart. This is obviously a pretty heavy gun and it requires level 100 in Guns skill. It’s worth it, though. If you’re going for a Power Armour build, definitely get this gun.

Christine’s Circle of Steel Silenced Rifle

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? It’s a unique sniper rifle introduced in the Old World Blues DLC. This is a great weapon for a stealth sniper build. Your enemies won’t know what hit them. If you remain stealthy while shooting, you’ll most probably do a critical hit that does x2.5 more damage.

Gobi Campaign scout rifle is another unique sniper rifle and this is available in the base game.

Assault Carbine

Specifically, the Gun Runners’ Arsenal version. This is a good old assault rifle that offers a high fire rate and supreme accuracy. This is one of the most accurate automatic weapons in New Vegas. You can mod this gun to suit your needs. It may not be as powerful as some of the other entries on this list, but it comes in handy when you’re eliminating crowds or making a great escape.


Such a cute name. This unique submachine gun is silenced and has a higher ammo capacity. SleepyTyme is especially useful when you need to quickly eliminate multiple enemies silently.

Also, check out Vance’s 9mm SMG if you need an SMG with a big clip. It can fire 60 rounds before reloading.

Ranger Sequoia

This is a unique, non-scoped variant of the Hunting revolver. Unlike other revolvers, this gun only can only hold 5 bullets at a time. But that’s more than enough, considering this is one of the most powerful and deadly guns in the game. If you can aim with this, you can kill with it.

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