10 Most Annoying Enemies in Games

There are some foes in gaming that are downright frustrating to deal with. Here are our picks for the ten most annoying enemies in games.

Flying Nightjar Ninja – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

10 Most Annoying Enemies in Games

The skilled ninjas of the Nightjar clan are forces to be reckoned with. But god, are they annoying! The flying variant of these ninjas is the most annoying of them all. They stay up in the air using a kite and when they see you, they launch themselves at you like rockets. That attack does a lot of damage and knocks down the player, leaving him vulnerable.

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Basilisks – Dark Souls and Elden Ring

Most Annoying Enemies in Games

Basilisks are in no way difficult enemies to kill. They don’t do quite a lot of physical damage either. But these little lizards can emit a cloud of gas that fills the Death gauge. When it fills up, you’ll be cursed and die instantly. Sometimes many of them surround you and there will be no escape from the gas cloud… The best tactic to take them down is either a ranged option or staying distant and carefully killing them one by one.

Jackal Snipers – Halo 2

Most Annoying Enemies in Games

Jackal Snipers are ridiculously overpowered in many instances. They can kill you with one headshot or most of the time, two shots. They rarely miss, and it’s hard to point out where they’re shooting from. It requires you to be on constant vigilance and pay close attention to every inch of your surroundings. Their power significantly increases in the maximum difficulty and they’ll one-shot you, regardless of where they hit.

Dogs – Dark Souls

This is the second entry from a Dark Souls game and that’s because there are so many enemies that are a pain to deal with. Dogs are weak enemies and you can kill them with one or two hits. The problem is, landing those hits. They stagger you with their agile attacks and leave no room for counter-striking. Your best bet is to either carefully dodge (this is really hard to pull off because sometimes groups of them attack at once) or use a shield to block their attacks.

Dragons – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Sure, dragons are one of the main elements of Skyrim’s lore and story and they’re really significant. But after encountering about six dragons in your journey from Whiterun to Solitude, it becomes such a chore to kill them. At early levels, it can be ridiculously difficult to kill them; even more so if you’re a melee player. You can’t fast travel when they’re nearby and sometimes they won’t land on the ground that often. At first, it’s cool to fight one-on-one against a great, magnificent dragon but it gets tiring really quickly.

Revenants – Elden Ring

It’s like Revenants are made to annoy the heck out of you. They have multiple limbs and they spew poison. Oh, and they also teleport right in front of you, so ranged options may be useless. They do a tremendous amount of damage with their one combo attack that usually breaks the guard of many shield-bearers. It’s a frustratingly long combo and oftentimes it’s better to just avoid them.

Snorks – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Snorks are mutated humans, by the looks of them. They wear gas masks and are exceptionally creepy. While they don’t wield any weapons, they really don’t need any. These creeps leap at you, clawing you and making you bleed out. Their speed makes it really difficult for you to land a hit on them, and one hit isn’t enough to kill them. Like always in the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., you need to be slow and steady if you don’t want to get jumped by one of them.

Cazadores – Fallout New Vegas

Cazadores look similar to bloatflies and many players might underestimate them at first, as I did. Despite their small size, these beasts are an absolute pain to deal with. They’re very fast and it’s hard to shoot them without VATS. The poison damage they inflict on you drains your health really quickly and if you don’t have anti-venom, you’re done for. You either need a good long-range weapon to kill them, or you’ll just have to stay away from them.

Headcrabs – Half-Life

Headcrabs are one of the first types of enemies that you encounter in the first Halo game, and they really aren’t that difficult to kill. The thing is, they’re small and it’s difficult to hit them. They also leap at you and quickly drain your health. That one section of Half-Life required you to get on an elevator and descend… Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Countless Headcrabs jump on you as you descend and you either needed to dodge them or kill them. Both options were equally difficult to pull off.

Cougars and Panthers – Red Dead Redemption 2

These big cats are as silent as assassins and as deadly as demons. They’re incredibly fast and you won’t hear them coming until one rips your neck apart. There really is no chance of survival against them if you don’t kill them first. Horses are scared of them so they’re liable to drop you and run off. If that happens, you’re done.

Thankfully, cougars and panthers are not common enemies, so you can breathe easily in most areas. But beware when you’re in lush woodlands and keep a shotgun by your side.

What do you think are the most annoying enemies in games? Let us know!