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10 Most Dangerous Monsters in The Witcher 3

More than a few ferocious creatures will meet the edge of your Silver Sword on your journey. Here are the ten most dangerous monsters in The Witcher 3 that require you to be constantly vigilant. This list will include monsters that are ordinary enemies (do not mistake “ordinary” for weak). I will not include bosses (except the boss variants of ordinary monsters). Some enemies from DLC are also included.

10. Leshen

Most Dangerous Monsters in The Witcher 3

These ancient guardians of the woodlands possess a disturbing appearance. They are particularly slim and wear some sort of rags. Leshens have the power to call wolves and crows for aid and this makes this already formidable enemy even harder to kill. Some Leshens even summon other monsters like nekkers. They’re sometimes even worshipped by people, believing that they heal the woodlands and protect them. In any case, worshipped or not, Leshens are dangerous monsters that need to be dealt with.

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In pagan mythology, Leshens (Leshy) are gods in woodlands.

9. Barghest

Most Dangerous Monsters in The Witcher 3

Barghests have a similar appearance to wolves and dogs. Unlike those beasts, though, Barghests possess supernatural abilities and deal severely high amounts of damage. They roam the land of Toussaint in packs, waiting to devour anyone unlucky enough to come across them. The attacks they do are vicious and fast; they leap at their enemies and tear them apart. They also use spectral flames to overpower their foes.

8. Fiend

Most Dangerous Monsters in The Witcher 3

Fiends are exceptionally dangerous and they have the looks to match their ferocity. They have similarities to deer in terms of appearance. The third eye on their foreheads can hypnotize their enemies, disabling them from seeing which direction the monster is attacking from. Fiends are also one of the biggest creatures in the game and facing one is surely a tough ordeal.

7. Ulfhedinn

Most Dangerous Monsters in The Witcher 3

Ulfhedinn is a tougher variation of werewolves and they’re mainly around Skellige. The harsh, cold climate of the beautiful but dangerous archipelago has made them significantly more powerful than regular werewolves. In the game, they’re particularly rare and it’s not often you get to fight one unless you’re doing a quest. Maybe that’s for the best.

6. Berserkers

Speaking of cursed foes like werewolves, the werebears, or the Berserkers are also one of the most fierce enemies you can find in Skellige. Or rather, they’re one of the most dangerous monsters in the world of The Witcher as a whole. Like werewolves or Ulfhedinn, Berserkers are humans who transform into these beasts. They look like regular bears but are much larger and way stronger. The warriors of Skellige are exceptionally powerful and I think you can imagine how much carnage a warrior who transforms into a Berserker can cause.

5. Earth Elemental

How to survive an encounter with an earth elemental? Simple. Run. Fast as you can.

– Nino Murk

Earth Elementals are not born of natural causes. Instead, they were made by mages, not unlike all other Elemental enemies. One can say that they are dangerous experiments that might’ve been successful or not. In any case, an Earth Elemental is a seriously strong foe. They hit ridiculously hard and can withstand a flurry of hits without even flinching. There are not many weaknesses and even the game itself tells you that it’s best to avoid one rather than face one.

4. Bruxa

Bruxae are insanely powerful vampires. They might not be as vicious as the mighty Higher vampires but that doesn’t make them a threat to be underestimated. Bruxae resemble women and are incredibly fast and can even turn invisible. Their speed and precise attacks are perilous and it’s best to remain on the defensive side if you hope for a successful battle against one.

3. Scurver

These grotesque creatures often attack in packs, and they explode when they die, causing needle-like thorns to fly everywhere. One needs to be especially careful and swift when dealing with them. If you let them corner you, you won’t get out alive even if you do kill them. The exploding bodies will tear you apart. Instead, it’s wise to stick to fast attacks and if possible, ranged options.

2. Venomous Arachas

As their name implies, the Arachasae are indeed venomous. So venomous in fact, that they could kill a witcher with enough poison, and that tells you of the fates of unfortunate humans who got exposed to its venom. Their venom is not the only thing you should look out for; they’ll attack you with their big insect limbs and inflict venom while doing so. The best tactic against them is to prevent the venom from stopping your system once and for all and carefully dodge its attacks. Being greedy for hits against something like this might result in an inevitable and painful death.

1. Slyzard

Slyzards are sinister-looking draconids that can breathe fire and knock their foes to the ground. Their attacks are very unpredictable, as they’ll often stop flying at once and start hurling fireballs at their foes. Slyzard matriarchs are especially vicious. They’re females and whenever they had laid eggs or if it’s their mating season, they get mean. The Aard sign is a good offense against them.

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