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10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

The enemy design in gaming varies from plain old conventional enemies like bandits or zombies to grotesque and disgusting enemies that make your skin crawl. Here are the ten most disgusting enemies in games. I’d suggest not reading this article if you just had a meal or something because I’ll add images and go into details about these monsters.

Because each of these enemies is different, the list is not based on any ranking system.

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Giant Land Octopus – Elden Ring

10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

Giant Land Octopi are all over the beaches in Limgrave and near other water sources. It’s hard to make out just what this creature is made of, because of its grotesque mass of tentacles and the weird features all over it. There’s a beak emerging out of this monstrosity and it’s a weak point. The lore behind these creatures is not well known, unfortunately. One thing’s for certain: this thing is terrifyingly gross.

Bloathead – Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss

10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

You’ll encounter these things in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC of the brilliant Dark Souls game. The previous entry was also from a FromSoftware game, and there will be more entries from the Soulsborne games in this list because it isn’t shy to throw some extremely grotesque monstrosities at the player. These Bloatheads were once citizens of Oolacile and now they look nothing close to human… Their limbs are disproportionate and their hideous head with a multitude of eyes are very loathsome.

Infested Seeker – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

Infested Seekers are all around Senpou Temple in Mount Kongo. These were monks who pursued immortality and now the parasitic centipedes infest their bodies. It’s quite difficult to kill one of them because of the centipede’s grab attacks. These things stay in one place and they cannot move. There are some worm-like things in front of them as well. If you don’t kill the centipede with the Mortal Blade, the Infested Seekers won’t perish.

Centaur – Fallout 3

10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

Centaurs are often seen with Super Mutants. They consider the centaurs their pets… As you can see in the image, the centaur is extremely grotesque and gross. Their limbs resemble human arms and the tentacles hanging out of their mouths certainly adds to their hideousness. These creatures were created by the Master, who’s a major antagonist of the original Fallout. Centaurs are kind of a hybrid between multiple species of creatures, including humans.

Giant Centipede – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Giant Centipedes are a very prominent enemy in Toussaint, the beautiful land where the Blood and Wine DLC takes place. These monsters are categorized as Insectoids, giant creatures that resemble insects. They’re very powerful and can be terrifying to look at. The way they squirm and emerge from the ground to attempt to destroy any that are unfortunate enough to encounter them is scary, to say the very least. They also wrap themselves around their prey and then poison them.

Mancubus – Doom Eternal

Mancubus is a demon from hell that fights with the cannons in its arms. Because of their stout figure, they move very slowly. But this doesn’t stop them from being such forces to be reckoned with. What I find to be especially nauseating is the way their bloated stomach moves up and down when they move slowly and in a bizarre manner. The slayer can make them explode by performing a Glory Kill on them, and that turns the Mancubus into a destroyed mass of flesh and that’s also extremely gross.

The Flood – Halo: Combat Evolved

Any Halo fan is very familiar with The Flood. They’re such monstrous and horrifying creatures that corrupt anyone they infect. Some forms of these enemies explode when shot, and little creatures that look to infect many others emerge from them. They’re very fast and try to jump on their prey. The way these things infect and corrupt the flesh of their prey is very disturbing; for example, the victim becomes bloated and various rashes appear on their bizarre bodies.

Hydra – Dragon’s Dogma

The Hydra from Dragon’s Dogma might be your worst nightmare if you have ophidiophobia. As you can see, they have multiple heads and because of their titanic size and also their immense strength, you can classify them as one of the most dangerous enemies in the entire game. Also, these monsters are venomous, as are most snakes. They hiss and squirm and devour anything in their path. If that isn’t terrifying, what is?

Molded – Resident Evil 7

That sick and infected-looking thing is what’s called the Molded. They’re very hard to kill and it’s hard to make out just what they are made of. There are holes in their bodies along with spikes that are made from apparently rotten flesh. Their faces are very grotesque and they possess huge mouths with lots of teeth. Honestly, you should already be disturbed solely by seeing the image above.

The Boomer – Left 4 Dead

Boomers are bloated zombies who are extremely gross and hideous. Their huge body size is probably because of the virus they’re infected with. Their skin is pallid and contains wounds and rashes. They also vomit poisonous bile everywhere, causing major damage to the survivors. The said bile is produced in their bloated stomachs and there’s a lot of it inside. That’s why they regularly vomit. It is best to kill them from a distance.

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