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10 Most Hated Enemies in Elden Ring

The uniquely grotesque and impressive enemy design of FromSoftware games is more or less made to test the player’s patience. Here are the ten most hated enemies in Elden Ring that require you to stay in constant vigilance. The list is not ranked in any particular order.

Lesser Runebear

10 Most Hated Enemies in Elden Ring

Beware the Runebear! Don’t let the word “Lesser” in the creature’s name fool you. These monstrously huge and strong Runebears will require you to use tactics that you’d rather use against more powerful bosses. They are seen roaming in various places all throughout the Lands Between. It’s preferable not to start a fight with them.

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These beasts are extremely fast despite being huge and will not hesitate to chase the player even if they’re on Torrent. If you begin a battle with them, they will try to overpower you with brute strength. You’ll need to carefully dodge their rapid attacks and look for a window for a hit. A boss variant of this creature is also somewhere in the Lands Between.


10 Most Hated Enemies in Elden Ring

You might remember similar enemies like this from the Dark Souls games. Like in them, these Basilisks emit a mist that causes Death Blight. If you let the Death gauge rise, you’ll instantly die. While it’s not very difficult to kill these things, because groups of them sometimes attack together, it’s very hard to get away from the Death Blight. Also, their eyes are actually not the huge things that are bizarrely placed on their heads. Instead, they have tiny eyes under the big ones. This enemy is downright annoying sometimes.


10 Most Hated Enemies in Elden Ring

You must’ve encountered these things at least a few times on your playthrough and I assume that you harbor no love for them. The Revenants are extremely aggressive and fast. They spit poison, they can teleport near you and their combos are long and very hard to dodge. The appearance of these monsters is quite grotesque and sinister as well. It’s basically a spider with human-looking limbs and it’s better to avoid them than fight them head-on.

Abductor Virgins

10 Most Hated Enemies in Elden Ring

Abductor Virgins are some of the toughest enemies in the game. They’re like robots except they have some kind of tentacled system inside of the tough exterior. They attempt to grab you with those tentacles and entrap you within them, inflicting heavy damage. They move very fast and the weaponry attached to their arms can hit pretty hard. Sometimes, you’ll have to fight multiple Abductor Virgins and it’s best to stick to a defensive playstyle when that happens.

Albinauric Wolfback Archer

These female archers are annoyance incarnate. Their legs are frail and weak so they can’t move, but they’ll snipe you from great distances. You can find a lot of them in the town of Ordina and it’s a nightmare to get near them, let alone kill them. They also ride on dire wolves because of their inability to walk. They wield heavy bows and a few well-placed arrows will end you. It’s best to use a greatshield in order to get near them and kill them.

Flame Chariot

Like the Abductor Virgins, Flame Chariots are also really hard to kill because of their tough exterior. Their faces resemble the Fire Giants. I’ve made an entire article about them, which you can read here.

As their name suggests, the chariots use flame attacks to incinerate the player and their mobility is extraordinary. They spin around fast and spew raging flames that are really hard to avoid. If you could get behind them and perform a critical hit on the person that drives it, you might be able to kill it fast. Also, jumping on top of their heads reveal a weak spot and they can be killed instantly if you aim there.


Wormfaces are as disgusting as they are dangerous. Like the basilisks, they spew a mist of Death Blight and it will kill you instantly if the gauge fills up. They are one of the most disturbing enemies in the game and like many other enemies on this list, it’s best to avoid them if possible. Their origins are a mystery. But however, we can assume that they are definitely related to the Prince of Death, Godwyn.


The Chariots are only encountered in the Hero’s Grave Dungeons and they are practically unkillable. There are a few chariots that you can destroy. Otherwise, there is no choice but to flee and avoid them. They don’t have unique attacks or anything, so they simply run over everything in their path, be it the player or other enemies. Being caught in a single attack will mostly kill any player instantly, so you’ll need to tread very carefully when you encounter these things.

Giant Crayfish

Giant Crayfish are very common in Liurnia. Killing them is useless and difficult. They drop only a minor amount of runes and they hit extremely hard, so it’s practically worthless killing them. They stay well hidden under the swampy locale of Liurnia and will emerge when you’re near them. Even if you manage to escape on horseback, they have a ridiculously powerful spit attack that will feel like being sniped by a .50 rifle. The range of the said spit attack is unholy and you’ll need to perform evasive maneuvers with Torrent if you want to escape alive.


You first encounter Warhawks in Stormveil Castle. Like most flying enemies, they’re pretty annoying. They attack fast and fly away from your counterattacks. It’s effective to use magic or a ranged weapon to kill them quickly. The Warhawks you find in the late-game areas are a nightmare to deal with. The talon swords can rip you apart pretty fast and they’re really a pain to deal with.

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