10 Most Useful Consumables in Elden Ring

There are some craftable and discoverable items that prove very useful in various situations. Here are the ten most useful consumables in Elden Ring. Many of these items can be crafted using the crafting kit you buy at the first merchant in the game. They can also be found in the world.

One more thing: the Flasks and Rune Arcs won’t be included. They are quite useful, yes. But they cannot be found in the environments and they’re very obvious picks for this list. You definitely use them in your playthroughs, so there is no need to explain why you need to use them.

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Also, we will be paying attention to items that help with the gameplay, which means combat and exploration. So, multiplayer items won’t appear on this list either. With all of that being said, let’s get into it!

10. Blood Grease

10 Most Useful Consumables in Elden Ring

Blood Grease is craftable relatively early on in the game. After you coat your weapon with the grease, your attacks will build up Blood Loss. After the gauge is full, it will deal heavy damage to enemies. Blood Loss is one of the most powerful ways to kill enemies. That’s why many players choose the overpowered Rivers of Blood katana. While it makes the game way easier and thus results in a playthrough that’s repetitive, Blood Grease will prove very useful to any build. It can be applied to any melee weapon.

9. Redmane Fire Pot

10 Most Useful Consumables in Elden Ring

The crafting cookbooks which are in the mid-game sections offer the ability to craft Redmane Fire Pots. They’re very powerful and inflict heavy Fire Damage when thrown. Unlike the Giantsflame Fire Pot which uses FP, this doesn’t have an impact on any ability. While there may be better offensive fire pots, I chose this because Fire Damage is effective against many enemies.

8. Preserving Boluses

10 Most Useful Consumables in Elden Ring

Preserving Boluses provide safety from one of the most dangerous status ailments in the game: Scarlet Rot. In the mid to late-game sections, there are locations and enemies who inflict heavy Scarlet Rot damage and your health will reduce extremely fast. These boluses eliminate Scarlet Rot and also eliminate the build-up.

7. Boiled Crab

10 Most Useful Consumables in Elden Ring

You can buy Boiled Crab from the Blackguard NPC and it costs the same as Boiled Prawns. But this offers 20% physical damage negation while Prawns offer only 15%. This item is very useful when fighting bosses and other enemies that deal heavy damage. You can also pair this with skills like Golden Vow and the physick mixed to reduce damage. No matter which level you’re in, many enemies in Elden Ring deal ridiculous damage that’ll kill you in a few hits. That makes this item all the more useful.

6. Crystal Darts

Surely, you must have encountered the small but vicious Imps in Catacombs that surround you. These darts can inflict magic damage and turn them against their allies. That makes them fight among themselves and gives you a chance to either go in for the kill or escape. What’s even more useful is how you can do the same to bosses like Erdtree Burial Watchdogs. Especially when duos of such bosses appear, you can make one of them turn against the other with these. But beware that berserk enemies might attack you as well.

5. Poisonbone Darts

These darts don’t inflict quite a lot of damage but they can be crafted early on in the game. They build up Poison and that causes your enemies to lose health over time. With about five of these darts, you can poison your enemies and it’s really cheap to craft these. These may prove useful even in late-game sections.

4. Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

These items significantly boost your item discovery, meaning you can farm weapons and armor very easily. Pair this with the Silver Scarab Talisman and it will be even easier for you to farm even rare items.

3. Volcano Pot

We discussed a fire pot earlier and this is a cheaper but effective option. You don’t need Ritual Pots to craft these and they deal continuous fire damage. While the effect doesn’t last insanely long, it can be very useful to throw one of these to eliminate the final bit of health a difficult boss has.

2. Exalted Flesh

Exalted Flesh is an item that’s useful from the start to the end of the game. It boosts your physical attack power significantly (+20%) and it’s especially effective when fighting bosses.

1. Rainbow Stones

Rainbow Stones may be one of the most underappreciated items in the game. When you throw them down a ledge, you can know if it’s a fatal height to jump or if it’s safe to jump. The higher the pitch of the sound, the higher the chance that the jump may result in damage. There are invisible pathways throughout the game and that’s when these items really come in handy. You can throw these and uncover the path you need to travel on.

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