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10 tips for beginners in Apex Legends

Apex Legends took the stage in early 2019, breaking records almost instantly. With 50 million players in the first month alone, King’s Canyon will be seeing players fight for victory for a long time yet. While picking up the game isn’t too hard, there’s definitely a learning curve to become a top Legend. Here are some tips for beginners and veterans alike to help you come out on top.

For new players, it’s okay to not know everything in your first match. To more familiar players, don’t ruin a new player’s experience.

We all started at level 1. The first few games shape a person’s experience. Don’t be the toxic moron who ruins Apex Legends for a new player just because they don’t kill squads solo in their first day of play.

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It’s all right to scout ahead.

Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Wraith have good abilities for exploring ahead. But if you see an enemy? Ping your team or call out on your mic. Don’t rush in without warning. You aren’t Shroud, and this isn’t (likely) going on Twitch. You’ll get picked off instantly. Wait a bit and go in with your squad.

Don’t rage quit if you pick last and somebody picks your favorite Legend.

Characters are chosen in random order. It’s good to be able to play at least three different characters so you’ll always feel confident when you drop onto King’s Canyon. Don’t flip out if the jumpmaster chooses a spot to land where you don’t usually go. Just go get geared up.

Killing other squads is a great way to upgrade gear.

Whoever loots first has first dibs, but don’t be selfish. Share things with your squad. An entire team with mediocre gear wins against one player with full upgrades.

It’s important to stay near full health.

If you pick Lifeline, use your D.O.C. Heal Drone as often as possible. It saves your team wasting heal items. If Lifeline is on your squad, ask for health when you need it. The drone is mobile, so you won’t have to pause and wait for max health before moving again.

Take your team’s banners to a respawn station instead of looting their corpse.

An extra pair of hands is always better than an upgraded scope you looted from a squad member. Also revive a downed teammate before looting an executed enemy. Always prioritize team members over items, wherever they come from.

Spread out after you land.

Don’t follow the team into the same building. It lets everybody gear up without fighting over armor and weapons. You’ll also have first grabs over more items. If you see something valuable you don’t need, ping it so your teammates can come get it if they need it.

Lifeline’s ultimate is Care Package.

She gets to pick out items first. Don’t be greedy and steal from your healer. She might just ignore your low health out of spite.

Don’t hoard things in your inventory. You have limited space.

Don’t hold onto scopes for snipers if you have a shotgun and an SMG. If you have extras of healing items or ultimate accelerant, share with your teammates.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t be a jerk.

Apex Legends is a fun game. Don’t get worked up over nothing. Be sure to spread the positivity around. It makes things better for everyone. Nothing brings a team down faster than a relentlessly negative squadmate.

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