11 Year Old Stabs Baby Over Videogame

The Sun, a British newspaper, has an article on their website about an 11 year old boy who stabbed his baby cousin because it caused him to die in a videogame. Below are details from the article:

A boy aged 11 knifed his baby nephew in the stomach because the child’s crying got him “killed� in a PlayStation game, a court heard yesterday. He allegedly said he felt like “an erupting volcano� after he kept losing a game based on kids’ film The Incredibles.

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In a fit of rage he stuck a kitchen knife into the seven-month-old boy as he lay in his cot, Hull Crown Court heard. The game features fighting and racing. The youngster told cops: “I was a bit like a volcano. An erupting volcano. I paused the PlayStation. I went to the kitchen and collected the knife. Without realising it I stabbed him.�

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