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13: Origin Kickstarter campaign starts early

13: Origin

As in most escape room puzzle games, 13: Origin is a network of clues that you must pursue and not overlook.

Corvus Studio announced today that the financing campaign for 13: Origin is now available, seven days before the initial date announced on Game Freaks 365. As previously said, 13: Origin is a puzzle-filled escape room game in which you must create a network of paths to reach the end of this never-ending suspense.

Supports the developers

Corvus Studio’s developers want to move the project forward, and after some time, they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign where players interested in both the game and the development process may contribute to the project’s completion.

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To entice donors, the development team has many options and amounts to finance, ranging from mobile or PC versions of the game to the ability to choose the name of one of the characters. Likewise, as is common in Kickstarter campaigns, the developers have set specific goals, such as adding more content to the game and porting the game to consoles.

If you want to help the developers, you may go to the game’s Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. If you want to try out 13: Origin‘s proposal, you can do so by downloading the Prologue from Steam.