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14 tips for mastering Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a new breed of combat strategy shooter where only the smartest survive. Turn-based, tactical, and set entirely within a 25-second time loop, the stakes are high and there’s plenty to ponder.

So before you jump into the game, take a look at these 14 essential tips and tricks that’ll help you gain an edge on the battlefield and have you outsmarting the competition in no time!

  1. Anticipation shots: Anticipate your enemy’s moves by covering points of interest with bullets, traps, or shields. This will prevent them from countering your plans.
  1. Temporal strategies: Combine the actions of your past, present, and future Operatives. Not everything has to be solved in a single turn.
  1. Spectate the loop: In between turns, fly your drone around the map to see the current state of the time loop. Use this opportunity to plan your next move.
  1. Ghost Mode: Died mid-turn? No problem, you can finish your turn as a ghost. Your ghost actions will become real if that Operative is saved in a later turn.
  1. Break the butterfly effect: Losing control of the battlefield? Turn the match in your favour by finding the culprit and erasing their cascade of deadly events from the loop.
  1. When and where: Remember, it’s not just about an Operative’s position in space, but WHEN they are in time. Plan accordingly.
  1. Friendly Fire: Friendly fire is always on. Be wary of running into your own gunfire, even from past turns. You don’t want to take yourself out.
  1. Operative selection: There’s always the perfect person (or robot) for the job. There’s no room for favourites in Lemnis Gate, selecting the right Operative is the key to a successful strategy.
  1. Action/Reaction: Going first? Go ahead and set the tone for the match. Going last? Seize control by stopping every move your opponent made before you.
  1. The UI is your friend: Use strategy markers or check the objective timeline on-screen to help you create and execute the perfect strategy.
  1. Always have a Plan B: Missed a key shot? Don’t panic. You can fix mistakes in future rounds. Maybe this accident can lead you to a brand new master plan.
  1. Combat Focus: Focusing exclusively on one objective or enemy Operative can be easy to counter. Diversify and spread your team out to cover as much ground as possible.
  1. Keep Moving: A stationary target is an easy target for a future bullet. Make your movements unpredictable to throw off your opponent.
  1. Shields for days: If you do decide to stay still, make sure to shield yourself in the next turn by deploying a defensively minded Operative such as KARL.

Lemnis Gate is out now on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now download and play Lemnis Gate as part of their subscription, both on Xbox and PC.

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