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19 Reasons to Buy a Wii: #2

The Nintendo Wii is about to launch on November 19, 2006. Between now and then, Game Freaks 365 is going to list 19 reasons each day for why you should buy a Wii.

#2 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – No franchise could headline a console launch better than The Legend of Zelda. The newest Zelda title, Twilight Princess, has been long awaited by gamers. Originally intended for GameCube, and delayed a couple times, Twilight Princess is about to launch on Wii before it gets released on GameCube in December. Control Link with the Wiimote as you ride on horseback, shoot arrows, fish and swing your sword. Could this be the best Zelda ever? Wii will find out in a matter of hours.

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