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19 Reasons to Buy a Wii: #6

The Nintendo Wii is about to launch on November 19, 2006. Between now and then, Game Freaks 365 is going to list 19 reasons each day for why you should buy a Wii.

#6 Super Mario Galaxy – At least two things are unprecedented about the Wii launch: 1.) Zelda is at the launch gate and 2.) Mario is absent for a second consecutive launch. Super Mario Galaxy is the long awaited follow-up to Super Mario Sunshine. Originally known as “Mario 128”, Super Mario Galaxy has evolved into a Mario game unlike any other. For starters, you’re going to be blasting from planet to planet as you make your way across the galaxy. Being in space means that Mario can perform jumps and moves that he’s never done before. The plumber that built Nintendo won’t make his first appearance on the Wii until 2007.

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