25 Publishers Creating DS WiFi Titles

Below is the list of publishers working on WiFi-enabled games for the Nintendo DS. So far, Nintendo has confirmed that they themselves will release at least two this year: Animal Crossing DS and Mario Kart DS:

Activision: Tony Hawk
Atari: TBA
Bandai: Mobile Suit Gundam; Digimon World
Banpresto: TBA
Buena Vista: TBA
Capcom: TBA
Electronic Arts: TBA
FromSoftware: Tenchu DS
Hudson: Bomberman; Momotaro Dentetsu World
Koei: Dynasty Warriors DS
Konami: Kojima title; World Soccer Winning Eleven Series; Castlevania
Majesco: TBA
Marvelous: Rune Factory; Contact; Real-Time Strategy
Mastiff: TBA
Namco: TBA RPG
Nintendo: Animal Crossing; Mario Kart; ‘many more’
Sega: TBA
Spike: Professional Wrestling
Square Enix: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Taito: TBA
Take 2: TBA
Telegames: TBA
Ubisoft: TBA
Vivendi Universal: TBA

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