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2K Announces Family Guy Now Available

2K today announced that Family Guy, the first video game based on the popular television show, is now available for the Xbox, the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable. Featuring the entire cast and creative team from the show, including creator and producer Seth MacFarlane, the Family Guy video game turns the TV show into an engaging interactive experience complete with even more of the outrageous humor that fans know and love.

Developed by High Voltage Software, the Family Guy video game involves a unique combination of arcade-like action, platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving as gamers play through three stories that intersect in typical Family Guy fashion. As lovable oaf and father Peter Griffin, players fight to stop Mr. Belvedere from taking over the world. As Stewie, Peter’s diabolical young son, players match their wits against his arch-nemesis and half-brother Bertram as they also vie to take over the world. Lastly, players slip on a collar and drink a martini as Brian Griffin, the family dog, and attempt to escape prison to prove his innocence in a puppy paternity case gone awry.

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