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3 Halo Games in Development

An odd news story to report as it seems Microsoft took the title Halo 3 literally. Not only will Halo 3 launch in 2007, but it also appears to be the case that there are three games relating to Halo in the works. You read correctly, 3 Halo-related games are currently in development. One of them is a Real-Time Strategy for the Xbox 360 called Halo Wars, revealed at X06 in Barcelona, Spain.

The other Halo-related game comes from an unlikely source…Peter Jackson. “Jackson, who is also producing a big screen Halo movie, will work with Microsoft to create Wingnut Interactive, which will focus exclusively on video games. The unit’s first title will be an as-yet untitled game set in the Halo universe,” Chris Morris wrote today in a CNNMoney.com article. Stay tuned for the expected announcement of Halo Party and Master Chief Baseball.

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