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5 Xbox 360 Games for $100 Dollars

Have a ton of gift cards and don’t know what to spend them on? We’re here to help you out this holiday season as we look at 5 games that you can get for under $100 dollars (in total). Today we are going to look at five games for the Xbox 360 that you can buy for $100 or less. Check back in the coming days as we will also look at PC, PS3, and Nintendo DS. Click here to read our article on Wii and PS3.


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The winner of 2007’s Game of the Year Tournament BioShock is one of the best shooters (of many) on the Xbox 360. It submerged gamers into the underwater world of Rapture with its deranged denizens, genetic enhancements and narrow passageways. While the game is not as long as you might have been willing to pay for at $60, the fifteen to twenty hours of gameplay in BioShock is more than worth the bargain price of $30.

Price: $30 Publisher: 2K Games
Released On: June 19, 2007 Also On: PC and PS3

Game Freaks 365 Score: 9.7 out of 10

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Can you say under-rated? That’s the best way you can describe this first-person action game. It’s hard to believe it has been three years since this CSI meets Resident Evil game saw its release. Even more unbelievable is that its graphics are among the best on Xbox 360 to this day. Definitely the best launch title and if you haven’t picked it up yet, the $15 asking price is criminal in itself.

Price: $15 Publisher: Sega
Released On: November 16, 2005 Also On: None

Game Freaks 365 Score: 8.5 out of 10

Lost Planet

Lost Planet is a pest-killing shooter from Capcom. It was originally intended to ship in 2006, but got pushed back until January 2007. Now it’s a budget title and worthy of your $20.

Price: $20 Publisher: Capcom
Released On: January 17, 2007 Also On: PC and PS3

Game Freaks 365 Score: 8.7 out of 10

Perfect Dark Zero

Imagine this. In 1997 you release one of the most popular first person shooters in gaming history on the Nintendo 64. You follow your success with that game up with a sci-fi take on the genre, but leave key elements in tact. Fast forward a few more years and the sequel to that game gets shifted to the competitor’s system as the development studio behind it gets bought up by Microsoft. Except it happened too late in that system’s life cycle, so it gets pushed back to the launch of their next system. Phew. Did you follow all of that? That’s the story of Perfect Dark Zero. Now go buy it.

Price: $15 Publisher: Microsoft
Released On: November 19, 2006 Also On: None

Game Freaks 365 Score: 8.6 out of 10

Dead Rising

Another Capcom title worth your money is Dead Rising. Basically it is Resident Evil meets Dawn of the Dead meets Left 4 Dead. If you like zombie killing, this is a game that you should not pass up. While a dumbed down version is coming to Wii, you’re better off sticking with the original.

Price: $20 Publisher: Capcom
Released On: August 9, 2006 Also On: None

Game Freaks 365 Score: 8.5 out of 10

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