6 studios support the purchase of Activision Blizzard!

In addition, a publisher has confirmed to the CMA that this will help PlayStation to be more competitive

If you have been following the video game industry, and our website, you will know all the craziness behind the Activision Blizzard buyout. Both PlayStation and the CMA had determined that it would be a very damaging purchase that would monopolize the video game industry. But, that may have changed for the CMA.

This new chapter of this convoluted story is finally tipping in Xbox’s favor. 6 major studios in the industry have told the CMA that this purchase would not bring any problems to the industry. In fact, they confirm that it would be a positive move that would create more competition between Xbox and PlayStation.

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The scales are tipping in favor of the Xbox

After many statements by PlayStation about the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox, the CMA has managed to stall the purchase. Jim Ryan has repeatedly explained to this British regulatory body that the purchase is negative for PlayStation. Since, in franchises such as Call of Duty, there are no other games that match the popularity and profitability. Even the direct competition of Call of Duty belongs to Xbox.

This, and many other points, led the CMA to question Xbox for monopolizing the industry. However, Phil Spencer and the entire Xbox team have confirmed that this will never be a negative for the industry. In fact, as proof of this, they have reached an agreement with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to their consoles for the next 10 years. Still, this has not been enough for the CMA to approve the purchase.

Therefore, the CMA has contacted 6 major developers in the industry to get opinions from companies outside the purchase. Although 6 of them have remained anonymous, one of them has been 4J Studios. A company that dates back to the classic Banjo-Kazooie. These 6 companies have given the go-ahead to the purchase, claiming that Xbox has always been faithful to its promises. Something that the CMA has taken into account, which could change the perspective of what has been proposed.

Publishers are also in favor of the acquisition

As if that were not enough, several publishers have also made statements to the CMA about the takeover. However, they have all remained anonymous. But, one AAA publisher points out that “it is difficult to predict the exact effects but we do not expect this merger to pose any risk to the distribution of our games on Xbox or other consoles”.

Another interesting statement from another publisher is that although PlayStation has a higher number of players, it stagnates with each release. Sometimes achieving the same or worse numbers than Xbox. Therefore, this publisher points out that this acquisition will “help level the playing field between Xbox and PlayStation, which at the moment is much needed. PlayStation needs more competition to force the platform to improve and this will certainly help to achieve that.

All kidding aside, this is a big deal. Personally, I don’t think this is a problem for the industry. Despite Activision Blizzard owning many top games today, it is necessary for PlayStation to catch up with Xbox. Xbox, in many of its developers’ games, tends to release them for both their consoles and PlayStation and in some cases Nintendo.

However, Sony is very loyal to the original PlayStation games. This is obviously what has made its market share limited only to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. And, after all the problems of console production, it has made PlayStation lose the strength it used to have years ago. Still, we have to wait for the final decision of the CMA. And finally, we will be able to see what the future of the industry holds.