7th Sector physical limited editions coming soon

7th Sector

Players will also be able to get their hands on a physical edition of the award winning game.

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 limited-edition versions of 7th Sector are set to commence, according to Strictly Limited Games and Sometimes You. 7th Sector is a puzzle adventure game that will challenge your intellect while immersing you in an unforgettable adventure in a dystopian universe.

Solve puzzles and live this cyberpunk adventure

The adventure and puzzle game comes from one-man team/developer Sergey Noskov and is set in a cyberpunk setting. It provides the player with an intriguing, dystopian environment with lots to uncover and is always complemented with engrossing music that emphasizes the game’s bleak tone.

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7th Sector

You learn more about the planet and its history as you solve many unique puzzles and collect facts. You play as a variety of “characters,” each with unique abilities that allow you to control various objects and machines in this environment.

You begin as a spark on a power line and proceed through the game by passing through various places. Eventually, you’ll use drones or robots to solve obstacles until you reach one of four potential endings, which are determined by your choices and actions.

Special Limited Edition

Strictly Limited Games has released a new game with unique limited editions. Fans and collectors will be able to get their hands on one of the 7th Sector limited editions in this case. Only 1500 Nintendo Switch and 800 PlayStation 4 copies are available.

7th Sector

The following unique items will be available:

  • A limited edition special edition box.
  • CD of the original soundtrack
  • Poster is reversible.
  • Set of 2 magnets
  • 3 pieces of acrylic art
  • 5 postcards in a set
  • a pair of stickers
  • A full color manual of the game

$49.99 for the Special Limited Edition. For $29.99, those who just want the game in physical form may get one of the 2,500 Switch copies or 1,500 PS4 copies. On February 27, both versions are available for purchase through the Strictly Limited Games website.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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