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8 Best Detective Anime and Manga

Nothing screams engaging entertainment more than a detective series that has you hooked till the very end.

Anime and Manga are enjoyed by a significant proportion of the population. 27% of adults (aged between 18 to 29 years) admitted to having a favorable impression of anime films. 13% of adults in the age group of 30-44 years agreed to the same, as did 7% of those in the age group of 45-54 years.

The Japanese take on the popular detective genre has been appreciated for a number of reasons. The stunning graphics, thrilling plotlines, endearing characters, and complexity of different themes are merged seamlessly with anime and manga. 

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If you are looking for an entertaining watch or read that will get the wheels in your head turning, read on to discover our list of the best detective anime and manga series! 

Best Detective Anime and Manga Series 

Anime like Boruto and One Piece might have you curious as to what all the industry can offer. We are here to guide you to the best detective series that we can bet you will enjoy just as much as we did!

Death Note 

Death Note follows the story of high school student Light Yagami, who stumbles upon a notebook that belonged to a Shinigami (Death God). Dissatisfied with the workings of the world at that specific point in time, Light writes the name of a criminal in the book. He is soon shocked to discover that the criminal has died. Using the book, he decides to rid the world of all criminals. The story moves on to incorporate detective L who works to uncover the reason behind the multiple murders. If you are someone who enjoys the continuous battle between justice and crime, Death Note is a great anime to binge-watch!

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles might be a game that you will enjoy after indulging in this series! 

Yukito Ayatsuji (Another)

Is a blend of horror and mystery something that appeals to you? If so, ‘Another’ is a show that will have you on the edge of your seat! The plot is centered around a high school class that is haunted by a spirit seeking vengeance. The students of the class undertake a series of defensive measures to eliminate the curse that has befallen them. All of their efforts come crumbling to the ground when a transfer student enters the story. The transfer student unintentionally does away with the defenses of the class. The story takes a turn when the student is forced to conduct investigations and identify the cause of the curse. This must be done to prevent his classmates from dying.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

This is a must-watch for those who enjoy investigative thrillers on a weekend night! The story is centered around protagonist Saturo Fujinima who possesses a unique and remarkable ability. This is the ability to go back in time and prevent deaths before they occur. Does this sound like something you might already be interested in?

Saturo makes the decision to use his ability to save multiple lives across different timelines, but the story takes a dark turn when he goes back 18 years in the past. Saturo is wrongly accused and has to use his wits to uncover a mystery that is much bigger than he anticipated. 

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited 

To break away from the horror and thrill of the last recommendations, we have a lighter detective series that is just as entertaining as it is amusing. “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited” is centered around the police drama of protagonists Daisuke Kanbe and Haru Katou who work together to solve multiple cases. Both of these characters have diametrically opposite personalities and methods to solving their cases. The obvious result is humorous and entertaining clashes between the two as they learn to work together. With a large number of cases that are painstakingly solved, this is an anime that will have you giggling your weekend away.

Kainga: Seed of Civilization is a game we would recommend you try after watching this series! 

Psychic Detective Yakumo 

If psychic and supernatural phenomena are right up your alley, why don’t you consider a psycho-detective thriller series with brilliant characterization?

The story follows characters Haruka Ozawa and Yakumo Saitou who begin experiencing mysterious events that happen to the people they know. Together both of them join hands to uncover answers behind these out-of-the-ordinary phenomena. Yakumo is a detective gifted with the ability to communicate with supernatural beings. With the assistance of his partner, they go on to solve a number of mysteries. 

Naoki Urasawa (Pluto)

You must be familiar with Naoki Urasawa’s manga Monster. Another futuristic thriller that will have you gripping the edge of your seat is Pluto. Pluto reimagines Astro Boy and has a storyline set in the future where robots qualify as human beings. These robots go on to have seemingly human lives – getting married, working in offices and raising children. The story however takes a darker turn when a serial killer is tasked with eliminating the 7 most prominent robots in the world. Detective Gesicht is assigned the responsibility of investigating these murders. But the one thing that Detective Gesicht is not aware of is that he too is a primary target. 


Another futuristic anime and manga series, Psycho-Pass is set in a world where crimes are monitored before they even happen. But to what extent will citizens allow themselves to be kept under constant surveillance? Additionally, what happens to those who refuse to conform to the system? Psycho-Pass is a series that will have you pondering over all of these questions with strong characters and protagonists. This is an anime that places emphasis on the gap between reality and human emotions. If conflict, rebellion and mystery sound like something that might interest you, give this anime a go! 


A light-hearted detective series, Hyouka surrounds characters Mayaka Ibara, Satoshi Fukube, Eru Chitanda and Houtarou Oreki. These four characters make up the classic literature club but they soon come to realize that their club is more than it seems. With weird phenomena surrounding the happenings of the club, the series highlights coming-of-age problems and detective thrills that will make for an enjoyable watch! 

Our list covers all possible kinds of storylines you can come across to add to your detective watchlist! Remember to grab a bucket of popcorn and your favorite drink and dive into series after series that will have you entertained and yearning for more!