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Remember those old ‘Where’s Waldo?‘ books that were popular back in the 1990s? You know what I’m talking about. They were the favorite book in every elementary school library at…more»

The new hidden object game Hidden Through Time is out today on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile (iOS and Android). The game is basically an interactive Where’s Waldo? Objects…more»

The hand-painted hidden object game NYAF is out now on PC via Steam. NYAF is meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It features music and sounds recorded by the developer, his son,…more»

I wanted to like My Time at Portia. I really did. On the surface, this indie title is charming. But once you dig into the meat of it, it becomes…more»

Bloober Team is one of the best developers of horror games on the market today. So my expectations going into playing their latest game, The Medium, were quite high. The…more»