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ÃœberSoldier Deployed to Retail

CDV Software Entertainment announced that ÃœberSoldier, the supernatural WWII FPS for PC, has shipped to North American retailers today. ÃœberSoldier puts players in the boots of a former Nazi soldier, brought back from the dead and looking to stop the Nazi menace while delivering some payback to the evil scientists who resurrected him. Please visit http://www.ubersoldier.net for more information. Read Game Freaks 365’s preview by clicking this link.

In ÃœberSoldier, you take on the role of Karl Stolz, an officer killed leading a Wehrmacht patrol against partisan forces. The process that has brought life back to your lifeless body has unlocked powers from within your once-dead mind – but they do not take away the memories of what your Nazi masters have done to you. In the game, you’ll use up to 16 different authentic World War II weapons to complement your new powers, fighting both human opponents and supernatural warriors over twelve levels of play, in your quest to eliminate once and for all the Nazi menace.

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