A deep network of little hackers and scammers haunt Roblox players


This Roblox criminal network generates from $2000 to over $5000 per week!

Roblox is a paradise for many kids and an incredible solution to introduce video game development to the little ones at home. But, all good things have some very shady things. And giving creativity and ease of tools to young kids is like giving a steak to a dog.

This is what has happened with Roblox. A network of scammers and criminals stalk Roblox players directly and indirectly. The most impressive thing about it? Many of these hackers are no older than 15 years old! This and much more is what we can see in one of the most recent investigations made by the IGN team.

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Roblox: a tool for creating your own games that can be very dangerous

Roblox has been the flagship of video game development tools designed for children. In addition to having a marketplace of rewards for those who develop games on the platform, it is a universe that daily attracts kids from 8 to 10 years old up to 18 years old. To this day, it has been consecrated as a total success… but not everything is as good as it seems.

As across the entire internet, scammers are the order of the day. And Roblox, unfortunately, has not escaped from this. Although there are many types of scams already known, every day there are new ways to scam people. The problem with this? Many of these scammed victims are children who are tempted to believe the scammers.

Although the team behind Roblox has worked to eliminate these problems, day after day, more and more cases of scams come to light. But, many of them remain unconfirmed rumors. One of them was that of a network of criminals who took different methods of scamming children in order to obtain large monetary incomes. Actions ranged from traditional scam models to hacking into company systems to gain direct access to player accounts.

Although this rumor had not generated much noise, some of this information has been uncovered. In a recent investigative article, IGN talked about the network of cyber criminals that roam the Roblox lobbies. A network of criminals that many of its members do not even reach the age of majority, but they are getting rich with it.

“Flex Your Beams”

The author of the article and the research came across this problem by chance thanks to Discord. In a Roblox discord server panel dedicated to illicit content, he came across different scammers and hackers bragging about their misdeeds. One of them even bragged with a screenshot of an account he had hacked that contained 467,985 Robux. This is equivalent to approximately $5850.

Roblox Scammers

Although it seems to be a case with little veracity, there is a forum that confirms (in part) this information. “Flex Your Beams” is one of the most well-known forums in the underworld of Roblox scams. You may not associate the term Beam, but it is a term used in Roblox to talk about scams. Even, the striking thing about all this are the captures within the forum of hackers doing misdeeds and leaving the mark “Get Beamed.”

The author behind this research managed to get inside this underworld behind the scams in Roblox. Even more eye-catching was the call he had with a scammer who is supposedly 13 years old. “I spend the money on my friends and stuff. I buy something from Amazon for my room, stuff like that,” the scammer says. “My parents don’t know. They ask where I get the money for everything. I just make excuses and they believe me.”

Roblox security hangs in the balance

After reading all the information collected by IGN, this network of scammers and hackers in Roblox is just the tip of the iceberg. In the beginning, for the development team behind Roblox, the possibility of scams was not present. Therefore, the level of security behind the development tools, or the security of its servers, was very low.

If you ask many people today about Roblox as the most solid metaverse, many will tell you that it is the future. Still, until it is worked on directly, Roblox will continue to have these major security flaws – flaws that will give rise to these scammer networks that, regardless of age, are wreaking havoc.

This generates a great deal of alarm since a large percentage of players are under 15 years old. So much of this community is much more likely to continue to fall victim to this kind of problem that is plaguing a large number of users.

Let’s hope that security within the Roblox universe will be tightened. This snowball of insecurity and scams continues to grow. Unless something is done to stop the problem in its tracks, this snowball will get bigger and bigger.

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