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A Guide for Blaidd’s Questline in Elden Ring

This is a simple guide for Blaidd’s Questline in Elden Ring. Because this is a rather long quest, I will be as simple as possible. In this article, I won’t be explaining any of the lore regarding the Half-Wolf because I already covered it in another article. I recommend reading it as well, to learn more about the Half-Wolves and Blaidd himself.

Link to Elden Ring’s interactive map (source for the location images): https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Interactive+Map?

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Mistwood Ruins

Go to the following location in Mistwood to find the Half-Wolf howling atop a structure. He will not come down and you cannot speak with him at this point.

A Guide for Blaidd’s Questline in Elden Ring

Go meet Merchant Kale to learn more about Blaidd. He will teach you a Gesture (Finger Snap). You must then traverse back to the Mistwood Ruins and perform this gesture. Then Blaidd will step down to speak with you.

He will tell you about the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, and that he seeks to kill him. I suggest reading my article about the lore of the Bloodhound Knights to learn more about the mysterious humanoids.

Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol

A Guide for Blaidd’s Questline in Elden Ring
Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol Location

Travel to the Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol and Blaidd’s summon sign will be there. Summon him and defeat Darriwil. If you’ve already killed the Bloodhound Knight by yourself, you can still progress the quest by speaking with Blaidd at the Evergaol.

He will reward you and mention the Carian Blacksmith, Iji, in Liurnia.

War Counsellor Iji

A Guide for Blaidd’s Questline in Elden Ring
Iji’s Location

Speaking with Iji is not mandatory for Blaidd’s questline but it will grant you a unique item. So, speak with him in the following location.

Ranni’s Questline

You may have known by now that Blaidd is Ranni’s Protector. To continue his questline, you must progress Ranni’s questline as well.

Ranni’s Rise location

Speak with Ranni and she will send you on a mission. You must now seek Blaidd in the Siofra River region. Talk to him there and he will ask you to go speak with Preceptor Seluvis.

Seluvis tasks you with seeking out the Sorceress Sellen. Speak with her and return to Blaidd in Siofra River.

General Radahn

Now, go to the Redmane Castle and defeat Radahn. After the battle, speak with Blaidd.

Redmane Castle Location

Blaidd’s Imprisonment

After defeating General Radahn and unlocking the path to Nokron, you must go back to the Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol. Blaidd will be imprisoned here and you can learn why from Iji.

Completing Ranni’s Questline

Progress to the end of Ranni’s questline and return to Ranni’s Rise. There, you will find Blaidd who’s been cursed and is not friendly toward you anymore. You have no choice but to kill him. This completes his quest.