A Guide to Call of Duty Esports Masters III

Call of Duty hosts one of the biggest gaming events in the eSports industry. Compared to other games, it is relatively new, but it has taken the gaming world by surprise and taken over the hearts of gamers since the moment it was released. Activision has created a lot of hype around the Call of Duty Majors III event, and now after the event has started, all of it seems justified. It is one of the best qualifiers the eSports industry has ever seen. And the championship is yet to happen. In terms of viewership, too, Call of Duty Major III has surpassed last year’s record of 275k viewers. 

This year, the Major III will be covered and streamed online, and it will be open for betting as well. Taking this as an opportunity, many sports betting sites in Massachusetts are streaming the event. Sites like WynnBET Massachusetts are also providing promo codes to attract customers ahead of the Major III League qualification. 

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This time, the Call of Duty Major III started early on the second of December with sixteen teams participating. The prize pool is a total of $500,000. Teams will get points for each victory. The team with the highest number of points will win the prizes. The Call of Duty Major III has been organized in a very structured manner, right from the qualifying week to match days and the championship itself. Here is everything you need to know about the event.

Qualifying Weeks

The Qualifying Weeks lasted for 3 weeks. Each week had three match days, and each team had to play 5 matches. The results of these matches will help to decide the seeds and the positioning of the teams. After that, each team hosts LAN matches in different cities. 

Season Schedule

Organized by Call of Duty itself, Major I had already been passed. The teams were completely new to the format, but that didn’t stop them from giving their best in the matches and dominating the league. The Final of the Major I was held in Raleigh, North Carolina. New York Subliners reached the top of the table and held the position as if it was reserved for them. The Major 2 was hosted by Boston Breach from the 13th of January to the 5th of February. Online qualifiers will be from the 13th to the 29th, and the LAN tournament will be held from the 2nd to the 5th of February. 

Changes in Call of Duty Major III

Call of Duty has brought in some Major restrictions for some of the most popular objects in the game before the qualifiers. With the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the League has concluded that they want to align their rules similar to Modern Warfare 2, a title preferred by the professionals in the League. This has resulted in the ban of several items, and the rules have already been added to the rulebook of the league. This has also banned the most influential and majorly successful tactics used by players. 

Call of Duty players have an unwritten pact following which they don’t use a blinding grenade on the opposition in the new season that started a couple of months ago. This is called the ‘Gentleman’s Pact.’ Earlier, this was an unwritten rule followed by the players, but now Call of Duty League has finally decided to make this an official rule. This change will come with an updated 1.3 patch of the rules and regulations. Named the ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement,’ this patch comes with a list of several other items as well that have been banned by the league itself. 

Banned Items

Lots of powerful items have been banned from being used in the league. The majority of these items are favorable to the users and are popular because of their ability to cause damage when used by the opposition. Weapons like the M4, Kastov-74u, STB 556, Fennec 45, P890, the .50 GS, Basilisk, and X13 Automatic pistols too are on the list. These weapons can not be used in ranked matches. Although they are banned, the bore charges and smoke grenades are still in use. 

Expectations of the League

The Call of Duty League expects to create a uniform and balanced environment for the players with no unfair practices in the game that gives them an advantage over the opposition. With these changes, they are bringing in uniformity and balancing the stage for the players to perform. This is also an attempt by the league to improve the experience of the players with the help of the pacts made internally by them and set as a rule. 

There are lots of questions about the league’s decision to ban some of the items and eliminate them from the game altogether. These are some of the decisions the league has to make to provide a fairground to the players.


The Call of Duty Major III is one of the biggest qualifiers ever hosted by the Call of Duty League. With more teams participating, more viewers, and more competition, the upcoming championship is going to be the best Call of Duty Championship ever.