Nintendo Rewards
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A Missions and Rewards system was added to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Rewards

Earn platinum points by playing the NES or using Online to spend them on Mario and Animal Crossing collectibles.

Nintendo has implemented a system of objectives and awards for all users of Nintendo Switch Online, the paid membership service that allows users to play Switch titles online as well as the other classic console games featured in the service, seemingly out of nowhere and without notice.

The system encourages users to utilize the service to gain platinum points, which can be used to buy icons, backgrounds, and frames for their Nintendo Switch profiles.

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Nintendo Rewards

Missions and Rewards will be updated on a regular basis. Super Mario Odyssey is the featured game this month and will be till April 5th. Players may purchase icons of the game’s characters, backdrops set in the platform adventure’s environments, and frames using platinum points.

Backgrounds, frames, and character icons will be available for purchase in a permanent area devoted to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Residents with birthdays in that month’s calendar are shown by icons.


The missions will change on a regular basis. There are presently four, each with a distinct number of platinum points awarded:

  • Use applications that are designed to work with online gaming.
  • Using cloud data saving
  • Play NES games (which change each month); this month’s game is Super Mario Bros.
  • Make use of the Nintendo Switch Online application.

Platinum points acquired by completing objectives on the My Nintendo website and playing the company’s mobile games will, of course, be utilized to redeem for these items in the future.

This addition adds to the Nintendo Switch Online bundle, which has been criticized since the Switch’s launch for poor server performance, little added content, and pricing. Nintendo, with the addition of retro console games, exclusive extra content, and added content such as Missions and Rewards, already justifies the price of a service that still has to evolve.