Kunjee Studio and Mega Cat hope to bring Roniu’s Tale to NES and Nintendo Switch

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Roniu's Tale

Roniu’s Tale will launch its Kickstarter on August 10. Plus, the demo will be featured in Evercade’s Mega Cat Collection 2 on August 27. The goal is to bring the game to NES and Nintendo Switch.

Roniu’s Tale offers a unique twist on traditional retro action-puzzlers with gorgeous 2D visuals, reinvented game mechanics, endearing characters, and unrelenting adversaries. The game comes from Brazilian indie developer Kunjee Studio in collaboration with Mega Cat Studios.

There’s no turning back!

Roniu’s Tale transports us to a wonderful realm full of ghosts, magic, and mayhem. The game features single-player, puzzle-driven gameplay and a slew of adversaries hell-bent on trapping you. With each step Roniu makes, the route behind him crumbles. Only reasoning, magic, and patience will bring him through. To bring Roniu to freedom, players must gather all orbs and keys in each level.

Inspired by puzzle masterpieces Solomon’s Key and Solstice, Roniu’s Tale casts players in the character of Roniu, a young magician bound by the monotony of his existence. A gleaming light outside his city’s walls drew him, like a siren, into the magical dungeon that threatens to imprison him indefinitely.

Players must use their intellect and magic to battle magical enemies, dodge crumbling passageways, and find the last key to escape. It’s a mind-bending adventure through 43 levels where your only chance is the strength within you and the assistance of a buddy.

“We at Kunjee are excited to finally share Roniu’s Tale with the gaming community,” said Roniu’s Tale game designer and producer, Rafael Valle Barradas. “We’ve put so much love and dedication into this project and hope you enjoy it too!”

“We’re also glad to be on this journey with our friends from Mega Cat Studios. Together, we want to provide to you the best retro 8-bit experience,” he added.

If their Kickstarter goal is reached, Roniu’s Tale will first be released for the Nintendo NES. Then, with the aid of backers and community members like you, it will be ported to the Nintendo Switch.