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A New Dawn for PS2

Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America today announced that “MS Saga: A New Dawn� has shipped to stores for the PlayStation 2. A science fiction role-playing game, “MS Saga: A New Dawn� challenges players to custom create the ultimate mobile suit and stop an insidious madman’s attempt at world domination. With a rich storyline, pick-up-and-play interface, original characters and more than 260 different parts for mobile suit customization, “MS Saga: A New Dawn� is the first role-playing-game featuring mobile suits to be available in North America.

“MS Saga: A New Dawn� follows Tristan, a sixteen year-old boy who sets out for revenge after a mysterious black mobile suit destroys the orphanage where he was raised. With the help of his friends, Tristan realizes that similar attacks are taking place across the land, and he must mobilize his allies to stop an evil captain and his mechanized army from destroying the world. In order to retaliate against the enemy, players are given a variety of customization options for their mobile suits and can design them for devastating ranged attacks or melee combat. In addition to intense turn-based battles, “MS Saga� also features stunning characters designed by Akira Yasuda, best known for his work with the Street Fighter series.

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