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PS5 software update

The latest PS5 console update adds 1440p support, new social features, game lists, and more small changes to improve the user experience.

Twenty years ago, console software was not as important as it is today. The lack of online multiplayer culture, games on CDs, and split-screen multiplayer did not raise the need to improve console software. Since the seventh generation of consoles, this has changed and more and more features are being offered to enhance the overall console experience.

One of the companies that have focused on offering the best experience through software is Sony. Therefore, they have finally brought a software update to the PlayStation 5 that adds new features highly requested by fans of the console. This update improves everything from screen resolution support to different social functions.

A successful beta gave way to this long-awaited update

Last July, we shared with all of you that PlayStation announced the release of a new software beta for the PS5. This new beta introduced two new features highly requested by fans as well as several UX design and social feature changes to improve the user experience.

PS5 software update 1440p

Of the beta versions that the PlayStation 5 has had, this has been one of the most supported by the community. Also, by offering features such as the long-awaited 1440p support, it has attracted the attention of a large number of users. Therefore, after much feedback from users, Sony has released an official version of this beta to the general public.

Among the biggest changes brought by this new version are: the aforementioned 1400p support, YouTube Search through Voice Command, new PlayStation App features for better connection, game lists, and different social features.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience, thanked all the users who took part in the beta: “Thanks to all our fans for continuing to share your suggestions and ideas. We’re constantly listening to your feedback and committed to making your gaming and social experiences better with each update. See you online!”

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