A new trailer from the Uncharted movie is out now

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Another look at Tom Holland’s upcoming movie inspired by the iconic Naughty Dog franchise.

Sony Pictures has capitalized on the buzz surrounding Tom Holland’s excellent performance in the new MCU film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, by releasing a new teaser for the upcoming Uncharted film, which is based on developer Naughty Dog’s iconic video game franchise, Uncharted. In comparison to the first trailer, which was published three months ago, this new one, which was released today, will allow us to view scenes from Nathan Drake’s travels for the first time.

Another adaptation of a video game coming to the big screen.

Holland, who just released the hit Spider-Man: No Way Home, plays a youthful Nathan Drake in his first expedition, providing a reimagining of the treasure hunter’s origins. The young Hollywood actor will not be alone, as in the Uncharted games, Nathan Drake is joined by Sully, and Holland will be accompanied by Mark Wahlberg, who will bring Drake’s friend to life with a marvelously renewed appearance.

This new Sony Pictures film depicts the first mission of these legendary video game characters, and we will witness some sequences that fans of the genre will quickly know because they are heavily influenced by the games. Uncharted  will be released in theaters on February 18, 2022.

Watch the new trailer down below.