Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn announced for PC

Put yourself in the shoes of a French aristocrat and restore, expand, and prepare his estate for future conflict while establishing your own distinct ruling style in Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn.

Gentle Griffons, a small indie Polish studio announced today their upcoming title, a combination of medieval noble simulator and strategy. In Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn, players becomes a French aristocrat during the Hundred Years’ War, whose lands have been plundered. His duty is to rebuild, develop and prepare his estate for further war while finding his unique ruling style.

Prepare to win all of the wars

The foundation of Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn will be a substantial economic layer, which will be buried under dramatized decisions made by the player in interactions with subjects, counselors, or his army, rather than displayed in the form of several tables.

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A noble’s estate will be able to pursue a variety of growth routes as a result of this. The player’s character can prioritize areas of the game such as economics, military, diplomacy, religion, or alchemy, but they can also simply live a rich and raucous life. However, everything has ramifications.

Another essential aspect of the game will be preparing our city for a siege as the enemy’s army approaches. The player accomplishes this by, for example, stockpiling resources and devising a defensive strategy. When the adversary is storming towards the walls, however, the user may directly command the defense in real time.

The game concentrates on depicting the life of a medieval nobleman on a tiny scale, yet in a highly immersive manner. It will be accomplished through an organic UI, a heavy dosage of historical realism, and a plethora of options. As a result, each player may develop their own governing style.

Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn does not yet have a release date, but you may add it to your Steam wishlist right now.

Watch the announcement trailer of the game here on Game Freaks 365!

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