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A Real-Life RPG?

ImaginEngine, a division of Foundation 9 Entertainment, today announced its key role in the “Motorola M-Lab� project at Wannado City, America’s first indoor role-playing theme park for kids. The Motorola M-Lab will be an exciting venue where kids participate in a challenging, game-based experience. ImaginEngine, the leading developer of educational and entertainment software for kids, will create the video, sound, and game content that serve as the exhibit’s centerpiece.

“We want to inspire kids to learn more about science, invention, and the thought process that goes into creating new things with technology,� says Bridget Erdmann, executive producer of ImaginEngine. “We feel the realistic, immersive environment, the dynamic of the team effort, and the exciting discovery and creation processes that are all a part of the venue will make this a fun, insightful and highly memorable experience for kids.�

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At the “M-Lab,� kids will play the role of “M-Ventors,� an elite and highly sought-after group of kid inventors tasked with helping different organizations solve difficult problems while using interactive technology. Through the game’s various stages of exciting assignments, kids will learn about invention, critical thinking, and innovation at the M-Lab. In addition to developing the “M-Lab� game software itself, ImaginEngine will also be providing environmental sounds and videos that will be played throughout various physical areas of the M-Lab. ImaginEngine will also produce the acting scripts for the “Wannahelpers�, the park’s employees who assist the children in playing the game.