A Total War Saga: Troy teased in new trailer

In a dramatic new trailer, Sega teased A Total War Saga: Troy. Homer’s Iliad is the inspiration for the game, which takes place during the late Bronze Age in modern-day Greece.

A Total War Saga: Troy is the farthest back that the franchise has gone. It will put the fate of Aegean civilization in the player’s hands. No word on whether Brad Pitt will make a cameo; fingers crossed!

The Total War Saga is a spinoff of their popular Total War franchise. It focuses on specific geographic areas and time periods, putting them under a microscope. The first in the spinoff series was Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.

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Creative Assembly, the developer behind the game, explains that “unlike our major era Total War games, our Total War Saga titles tend to focus on key flashpoints in history, often within a singular culture, meaning the 20-year war Trojan War is the perfect fit.”

Platforms have not been confirmed yet, but we assume that it is coming to the PC. Sega has confirmed that A Total War Saga: Troy will launch in 2020.

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