PS5 Slim
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YouTuber makes PS5 Slim but fries it in minutes

PS5 Slim

It’s a very extreme take on a PS5 Slim. However, other YouTubers have done something more reliable.

At least on paper, the PlayStation 5 is the most powerful console of the next generation. Regardless, Sony has not had the success it imagined it would have from the beginning. A pandemic, a shortage of microchips, and very strong competition from Xbox are getting in the way. This has given PlayStation a very difficult start to the new generation.

Because of this, and because of the current console manufacturing problems, the PS5 Slim has already begun to be rumored. Many fans have already begun to give possible designs of the console. Two YouTubers have taken it a step further.

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The most impressive (and the most disappointing at the same time) has been the YouTuber DIY Perks. He has presented a very interesting project, but it is still total madness.

A very interesting project

A constant opinion among all video game players is that the PS5 is a very big console. Although it may not seem very important, it has become a factor when buying a PS5 since the Xbox Series X presents practically the same power in a smaller factor. And if you are looking for an even smaller alternative, the Xbox Series S is the champion in the area.

That’s why the YouTube DIY Perks have asked a question that has crossed many people’s minds. Can the PS5 be downsized? Well, in a nutshell, yes it can, and DIY Perks wanted to reduce it as much as possible. This means getting rid of the console cooling, the console case, and very importantly, the power supply. This would only leave the PS5’s motherboard digital, but what can you do with it? Well, the YouTuber has come up with an ingenious idea… but poorly executed.

He has thought of making a kind of case that serves as cooling for the console. To achieve this, he has superimposed several copper sheets, cut and molded, to make the shell of the console. In addition to this passive cooling, the YouTuber has added liquid cooling to the console. The thing is, to keep his idea of keeping the console slim, he has made a kind of external liquid cooling; cooled by a raid of high-performance fans.

Regarding the power supply, he has had no other solution but to opt for a modified PC power supply to give the necessary energy to the console. But beyond a very striking design and an interesting idea, the execution has left much to be desired. It has a very rudimentary case, poor cooling, connection problems with the controllers because of the copper, and a lot of noise due to the cooling fans; but more importantly, when testing the console, it took no more than 10 minutes to fry completely.

As an experiment, it has been very interesting. Even so, I expected something less ambitious and functional from DIY Perks.

A kind of PS5 “Slim” reminiscent of a PlayStation classic

But DIY Perks has not been the only one with the idea of making a PS5 Slim. The renowned Spanish modder Sfdx Show, prior to the DIY Perks video, has published a project on his YouTube channel. It is a mod to the PS5 with reader, where the Spanish modder has focused on 3 key elements:

  • Reducing the size of the case with a 3D printed case.
  • Change the cooling of the console with a liquid cooling system.
  • Increasing the storage capacity of the console.

After a long and laborious work, Sfdx Show achieved a more “slim” version of the PlayStation 5 with a very familiar design. The Spanish YouTuber, in a nutshell, has based his design on the well-known PSX. The PSX is a model of PlayStation designed for the Japanese market that did not have much place among players because of its high price and its high cost of production. Does it remind you of anything?

Although the creation of Sfdx Show is not as slim as the one created by DIY Perks, it is a functional model, as he has made known in the video of the project. Still, it’s not what many of us have in mind of what the PlayStation 5 slim will look like. I think that sooner rather than later we will know more information about the slim revision of the PS5. This way, PlayStation could sell many more consoles and take market share away from Xbox.