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Acclaim Returns w/ BOTS Open Beta

Acclaim Games is pleased to announce that the company’s first multiplayer online title, BOTS, is now in Open Beta. BOTS, an action fighting game, represents the debut for the revived company’s new strategy of bringing games to market via an ad-supported revenue model. Acclaim has partnered with dynamic in-game advertising leader, Massive Incorporated, to bring ad-supported games to the market. BOTS is the first of several titles Acclaim plans to offer consumers for free by utilizing this unique partnership.

Acclaim Games is the legendary brand with a new direction as CEO Howard Marks takes the helm. Marks, who helped revive Activision in the nineties, intends to revive Acclaim with a fresh approach to bringing games to players. With the arrival of Open Beta for BOTS, the company is ready to invite the public to experience this new way of playing games. “We just wrapped up a very successful Closed Beta period with thousands of testers and over 250,000 hours of tested playtime,” said Marks, “The response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive and that includes normal game play feedback as well as the reception to our in-game advertising strategy.”

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BOTS is an online action game where players can battle each other, team up against NPC viruses or go head to head in team vs. team play. Boasting hundreds of upgradeable options, players can customize their BOT to their exact preferences. A robust BOTS community has already formed, including fan sites, guilds and a marketplace. The company is also pleased to announce that tournaments with real prizes will be introduced in Open Beta. Gamers are encouraged to visit http://bots.acclaim.com to register, download and experience this unique offering. In addition to BOTS, the company has also announced 9Dragons, an Asian martial arts themed MMORPG, as part of its game roster.