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Advanced classes are coming to The Waylanders

Take a look at the advanced classes coming to The Waylanders

When The Waylanders launches in early 2022, RPG fans will be able to step forward a thousand years from Celtic times to the Medieval era. In doing so, they’ll unlock three advanced classes for each of the six base classes currently available in Early Access. 

Picking the correct class is the key to success in The Waylanders. A good combination leads to improved party organization for each battle.

Players who select the Warrior base class can choose between the Berserker, a warrior with limitless stamina who uses internal rage as fuel for his attacks, the Gladiator, a swift warrior who gracefully navigates the battlefield, mowing down enemies with every attack, and the Mana Warlord, a warrior who is connected to the world’s mana flow and wields it as a formidable weapon.

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Choose the Guardian class if you desire greater control over your fights than the Warrior. The Vanguard, a frontline guardian who controls the flow of battle with strategic skills and attacks, the Blacksmith, a guardian with a critical eye who can strategically place and detonate strange artifacts, and the Chieftain, a magical guardian who leads allies and acts as a source of faith, healing, and protecting the group from their enemies, are among the advanced classes you can choose.

If being lethal but stealthy is your thing, the Rogue class is yours without a doubt. The Rogue‘s advanced courses are quite fascinating, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to other RPG games.

The advanced classes include the Brawler, a rogue with a stronger than expected punch who is a master class in dirty fighting, the Assassin, a sneaky rogue who masters devious preparations and quick executions that will bleed his enemies to death, and the Storm Druid, a mana-powered rogue who uses wind magic to deflect and distract his enemies.

The Ranger foundation class provides us with a strong combination of melee and long-range attacks, allowing us to conquer the animals of the world. The Hunter, a reckless ranger who fires heavy bullets at point-blank range and can overpower the bear and dog, is unsurprisingly the first difficult class we may pick. We also have the Saboteur, a tactical ranger who can master the Magpie and the Raven and builds traps and snares to prepare the ideal shot, and the Draconic Master, a mystical ranger whose connection with the draconic animals, the Dragon and the Dragons, allows players to become one with them.

Although there are some magical components in the advanced classes of several base classes, The Waylanders only has two basic classes that originate from the magical branch, Sorcerer and Healer.

Between the available Sorcerer advanced classes, we have the Frost Druid is an icy sorcerer who uses his abilities to inflict damage over time and place traps around the frozen battlefield; the Pyromancer is a maniacal sorcerer who wants to see the world burn by firing walls, explosive runes, and waves of fire; and the Necromancer is an aberrant sorcerer who conjures monstrosities and wraiths specializing in life-draining and summoning magic,

Finally, the advanced classes available in the base Healer class are the Blood Shaman, a sinister healer who uses the pain of others to keep his allies alive; the Jester, a mad healer with hateful good luck who rolls a die to sow confusion among your enemies, empower your companions, and turn the tide of battle; and the Tidal Druid, a quiet healer who turns the tides of the battlefield with spells that can both heal and damage.

After getting delayed, The Waylanders is now set to be released for PC via Steam and GOG on February 2, 2022.

Watch the new trailer showcasing the advanced classes down below!