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Aftermath is a sci-fi psychological thriller coming to PC and consoles


The sci-fi psychological thriller Aftermath looks very promising in its reveal trailer.

One O One Games, in conjunction with Meta Publishing, has presented the teaser for their new project. Aftermath is a sci-fi psychological thriller set on a damaged Earth where humans must perform the impossible day after day in order to survive.

In Aftermath, we will put ourselves in the shoes of Charlie Gray, a former European astronaut as she searches for her daughter among the debris of civilization. The Italian studio’s latest game, accompanied by a horrifying story, dives into philosophy and psychology, drawing on the One O One team’s past expertise with games such as The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

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A survival experience unlike any other

One O One Games will present a gameplay experience that is different from what we are used to in survival games, as new mechanics, as well as the way the setting and item drops are made, will make players feel as if they are in new territory when it comes to item collecting and combat, things they will have to quickly become familiar with if they want to survive against the threat that occupies the world and is constantly threatening them.

“For us at One O One, this is a major goal. To have the chance to develop such an ambitious, innovative title in Italy and we feel lucky to have Meta Publishing as a partner,” says David Gallo, CEO at One O One Games.


“Meta believed in our game, which aims to tell a mature story through survival mechanics, one that’s far away from the standard wilderness settings that these games feature normally. We are excited to let people get in touch with the uncanny world we’re creating and the characters who inhabit it!” he added.

Aftermath will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S Series in 2022. Now is the time for players to add the game to their Steam wishlist.

Watch the reveal trailer of the game down below!