Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition launches on PC today

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is out today on PC.

In addition to being available for purchase at Microsoft Store and Steam for $19.99, it’s also included with Xbox Game Pass. It’s part of the latest batch of games included in Microsoft’s game subscription service.

Age of Empires III was originally released on PC fifteen years ago, way back in 2005. So this Definitive Edition has been a long time coming.

The wait is worth it, though. Now you can experience this classic real-time strategy game in 4K with enhanced audio. It also includes all previously released expansions plus two all-new civilizations.


Microsoft has also revealed the achievements for the game. We have the complete list of achievements below!

Achievement NameAchievement DescriptionPoints
What a beautiful cityCustomize any Home City5
Content CreatorMake your first Scenario in the Scenario Editor5
Blood, Ice and SteelComplete the Blood, Ice and Steel campaign30
Fire and ShadowComplete the Fire and Shadow campaign30
The Asian DynastiesComplete the Asian Dynasties campaign30
The TommynatorUse the ‘tuck tuck tuck’ cheat5
Every moment I live… is agonyRevive your fallen Explorer10
Raising ConquerorsWin your first multiplayer game10
Winning!Win your first multiplayer reward10
The Earth is flat!!Explore an entire map in either Skirmish or Multiplayer game10
Imperial AgeAdvance to the Imperial Age with any Civilization10
You don’t need wings to flyDeploy an Advanced Balloon10
CommunityWin either Skirmish or Multiplayer game and have 25 villagers working on the Community10
AllianceWin either Skirmish or Multiplayer game and have formed alliances with all native villages10
Trading MasterWin either Skirmish or Multiplayer game and have occupied all trading posts on the map10
We need more wood!Build every building20
My HeroRescue 100 People in need of help20
They belong in a museum!Collect at least 100 treasure objects from maps in any mode20
A Pirate’s Life for MeDestroy at least 100 ships in any mode20
To the seas!Deploy ‘3 Galleys’ from your shipments as the Ottomans20
War WagonsDeploy ‘4 War Wagons + 4 Uhlans’ from your shipments as the Germans20
Fierce Cavalrymen of TartarsDeploy ‘9 Cavalry Archery’ from your shipments as the Russians20
Cathedral AssistBuild an Advanced; Mill, Market, Arsenal, Dock, Trading Post and Estate in a single20
Big BrothersDeploy ‘6 Cuirassier’ from your shipments as the French30
Pike and Shot!Deploy ’24 Pikeman’ from your shipments as the Spanish30
Congreve RocketsDeploy ‘2 Rockets’ from your shipments as the British30
Riders!Deploy ’17 Ruyters’ from your shipments as the Dutch30
RibauldequinDeploy ‘5 Organ Guns’ from your shipments as the Portuguese30
WondersBuild all 15 Wonders30
FaithConvert 100 neutral or enemy units30
Elephant in the RoomBuild 100 Elephant units in a single game30
Social DominanceWin 25 Multiplayer games30
No MainsWin all Skirmish games with all Civilizations in Hardest difficulty50
Budget CutWin a Skirmish game without requesting any Shipments30
Here comes the cavalry!Win a Skirmish game with only cavalry and artillery units30
Whatever the price… I’ll beat it!Win a Skirmish game with only mercenaries units30
Old fashionedWin game on Hardest difficulty without upgrading your Town Center50
Animal WhispererControl all pets50
Animal hunterHunt all animal species50
See My Vest!Unlock all Cosmetics of any Civilization50
The comforts of homeReceive at least 100 shipments total from your home city in any mode20
Strike!Kill at least 10 enemy troops from a rolling cannonball15
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