Alan Wake 2
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Alan Wake 2 is apparently more than 20 hours long

In addition, Remedy Entertainment has shown a new trailer and new gameplay of the sequel to the award-winning game

There is great anticipation for Alan Wake 2. The first game in the series by Remedy Entertainment has managed to capture a huge fan base. As a result, there is a lot of pressure to know more about the game.

In addition to sharing two new videos about the game, Thomas Puha has shared more information. The communications director at Remedy Entertainment has shared key information about Alan Wake 2‘s length.

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Just over 20 hours of gameplay

In an interview after the Summer Game Fest presentation, Thomas Puha, took the microphone to give some statements. During a behind-closed-doors presentation made by the company, Puha shared information about certain aspects of the game. Gameplay, graphics, characters, and story. However, what caught the attention of his words was the length of the game.

From Remedy Entertainment they pointed to a longer length than the first Alan Wake game. This would not only allow players to enjoy the title longer but also the possibility of creating different branches in the story. A very important point of the new Alan Wake 2.

This is why Puha commented that the developers plan to make the title last more than 20 hours. Of course, it all depends on the objectives that the player fulfills or not. Even so, the developer’s goal is 20+ hours of gameplay. A sufficient number of hours to fully enjoy the return of this incredible game.

2 new sneak peeks of the game

Alan Wake 2 gameplay

In addition to this surprising news for many players, what surprised the players are the 2 new sneak peeks of the game. A trailer and new gameplay of the game have been presented in the last week.

In the new gameplay trailer, we can see for the first time a small explanation of what this title has in store for us. In this title, we see a much more mature game with a darker theme that surely fits perfectly with the title. But, beyond the trailer, Remedy Entertainment dared to show a little more of Alan Wake 2.

In the new gameplay trailer, we can see almost 3 and a half minutes of the game’s Anderson Saga. The gameplay looks much more fluid than the previous title. Also, this new color palette fits perfectly with the title. However, the game retains the same essence that we have seen in Alan Wake Remastered a little over a year ago.

Alan Wake 2 launches later this year on October 17th for Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 for $59.99 and PC for $49.99.

Watch the new Alan Wake 2 trailer down below