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Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo launches on PC

Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo

After a long wait, players can enjoy this disturbing narrative adventure.

The hype for Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo had been growing since it debuted at the Guerrilla Showcase last June and the game’s new story trailer was released in August. Today, Microids and Pendulo Studios announced that the game is now available on PC via Steam and GOG.

A psychological adventure

For those who haven’t jumped on board and don’t know the title, Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo is based on prolific film director Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, where we will find a narrative adventure in all its glory with an intriguing and disturbing plot. The game follows Ed Miller, a disturbed writer who survived a vehicle accident in California’s Brody Canyon but is now suffering from severe vertigo.

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Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo

Ed begins counseling and unwillingly confides in a psychiatrist, doctor Julia Lomas, after becoming certain that he had just lost his wife and daughter in the crash. Julia will have to overcome Ed’s aversion to delving deep into his memories to uncover the truth. Undoubtedly, a journey in which many players will push themselves to the brink of insanity while attempting to solve the challenges and discover the truth.

Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo is now available on Steam and GOG for PC. In 2022, the game is coming to consoles.

Watch the launch trailer down below!