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Almightree: The Last Dreamer is the first Steam title from Indonesian developer Chocoarts. It is an indie action puzzle game that right off the bat feels reminiscent of the PS2 era. Its low poly-count design is what makes it feel most like a game from a couple of generations ago, though its mobile origins are the more likely reason for its aesthetic.

Story-wise, Almightree is simple and straightforward. The world around you, composed of blocks, is falling apart. The trees that are used to hold it together need your special touch to help them thrive. The game mechanics are simple too. You must traverse a winding path of blocks and transplant a few of them in order to fill in gaps that hinder your advancement, all the while traversed sections fall apart behind you.

There are, of course, a few other obstacles you must contend with. Some blocks are immovable: there are electric flowers that zap you and slow your progress; thorny vampire vines that can’t be crossed unless repelled by a garlic block; and a few others. The controls couldn’t be any simpler, either. You move in four directions, select an empty space to designate as a receiver and then go find a block you wish to transplant. You can use a keyboard or gamepad, though only the keyboard bindings are ever displayed.

There are 20 stages to play through, with the real challenge beginning around stage 13 on the normal difficulty. Each level has challenges, like collecting special marbles, but they are only made available after beating a level in hard mode. There is an online component, though you would be hard pressed to find others to play with. I was surprised to a see split-screen multiplayer option, for those of you with real life friends interested in playing.

Overall, Almightree is a neat puzzle game that won’t wrack your brain too much. There is always a sense of urgency as the levels are falling apart behind you, so it is never boring even though it is short. It reminds me of other games from the past, in particular Microsoft’s Ilomilo. If Almightree had come out fifteen years ago, it would have been a classic. It costs $4.99 on Steam, although it’s only $1.99 on Android and $0.99 on iOS. I’m assuming the pricing structure is tied to how long the game has been available on each platform. It’s a good game for a light brain workout.