Amazon Instant Video Goes Live on PS3

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PS3 owners have a new choice for watching television shows and movies. Amazon Instant Video launched on the system this week with a library of over 120,000 streaming programs – and over 25,000 of them in HD. Amazon Prime subscribers gain access to 18,000 videos on top of their 2-day shipping privileges on

“The PS3 app will include Recently Watched and Next Episode features, as well as personal recommendations based on customers’ viewing habits. The app will also sync up with Amazon servers so users can start streaming on one device and then move to the PS3 and pick up where they left off, or view content they purchased on other devices on the console. To give interested gamers an opportunity to try out the service, Amazon is offering the pilot episodes of more than 100 TV shows free to all PS3 users,” GameSpot reports.

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