Amazon Luna is a new cloud gaming service

Amazon Luna

Amazon is entering the cloud gaming market in a big way. The company just confirmed a new service called Luna.

Luna is poised to compete with the likes of competing game streaming services PlayStation Now and Google Stadia. The platform will launch with a library of games for $5.99 a month in early access.

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The strategy here is similar to PlayStation Now, which grants subscribers access to a vast library of games. In contrast, Google Stadia requires users to purchase most games, although it does have a limited library of games with a Stadia Pro subscription.

Luna is compatible on PC, Fire TV, and Mac devices as well as through web apps on iPhones and iPads. Amazon plans to also bring the service to Android. So you can use your existing devices rather than having to purchase new hardware.

At launch, Luna is only going to support 1080p games running at 60 frames per second with 4K support “coming soon” for select titles. Subscribers can stream games on two devices at the same time.

In terms of controllers, Amazon also just announced the Luna controller, which looks quite similar to an Xbox controller. In addition, players can use an Xbox One controller, PS4 DualShock 4 controller, or a mouse and keyboard.

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In addition, Amazon has announced “channels” for third party publishers. This allows large publishers to make their games available as a separate subscription (think of it as EA Play or Uplay+). Ubisoft is the first third party to sign up. They will make ultimate editions available for select games.

What do you think of Amazon’s announcement? Is there room for another cloud gaming service? Share your thoughts with us below!

Amazon Luna controller

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