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America’s Army: Special Forces (Coalition) to Launch Today

The U.S. Army today announced the latest version of its game, America’s Army: Special Forces (Coalition) (Version 2.8.0), is available for download at www.americasarmy.com. America’s Army: Special Forces (Coalition) marks the debut of the America’s Army Mission Editor. The Mission Editor enables America’s Army players to modify existing levels and/or create new levels using any of the existing art, sound, particle effects and gameplay assets created by the development team. With this release, players are able to create missions to give back to the community they love, take their favorite map and enhanced it to match the way they’ve always wanted to play it, and highlight their map building expertise and leadership in the America’s Army community to a global audience.

In conjunction with the America’s Army: Special Forces (Coalition) release, is the launch of Mission Depot (www.aamissiondepot.com), the official map submission site and repository for the America’s Army game. To facilitate the map approval process, all player-created levels and missions contain a unique signature in the map file for identification purposes. Maps uploaded to Mission Depot will be reviewed by the America’s Army team to ensure the missions are appropriate, function properly, and have all of the elements required for online multiplayer action. The Mission Depot site contains a wealth of information on what it takes to create an official mission of America’s Army.

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