Amnesia: Rebirth now has a stress-free Adventure Mode

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth is now welcoming adventure fans to experience the game safe from monsters, darkness, and jumpscares.

Swedish studio Frictional Games launched Adventure Mode today in Amnesia: Rebirth. The new mode is now available on PC via Steam,, and Epic Games Store. Meanwhile, PlayStation will receive Adventure Mode in the next few weeks.

What’s Adventure Mode?

Adventure Mode is a new way to experience Amnesia: Rebirth. Players can now enjoy the captivating narrative, cool environments, unique theme, and challenging puzzles without the anxiety-inducing and very distressing elements present in the original game. 

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“The game still has its very serious theme and sometimes unnerving ambiance, but the new mode feels a lot more like an Indiana Jones type of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience,” explains Fredrik Olsson, the game’s creative lead.

The game is still the same at its core. Following the story of Tasi Trianon, she finds herself in the desolate landscape of the Algerian desert, battling against her fears and pain as she fights to save the ones closest to her. Amnesia: Rebirth will take you through a wide variety of environments – from scorched deserts and dark caves to forgotten ruins and alien landscapes.

How is Adventure Mode different?

The new mode removes all life-threatening encounters with monsters, as well as the harrowing sound and visual effects that would affect Tasi’s fear levels. The environments are now lit up to a point where you won’t have the same feeling of claustrophobia and trepidation, allowing you to explore freely without worrying about monsters or Tasi’s mental state. In addition, Adventure Mode includes a number of bonus puzzles that add up to the experience of a true Lovecraftian mystery adventure novel.

How much is Adventure Mode?

It’s free! And if you don’t already own Amnesia: Rebirth, you can get it for 40 percent off at Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam.

Watch the Adventure Mode developer diary below!

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