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NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring Guide

Let’s make an NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring. Like my other NewGame+ Builds, your character level must be Level 200 or higher. This is mainly a Dexterity build but we will also have a few points in Strength because our weapon scales with Strength as well.

An NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring

The Skills you must invest in

The main skill here is Dexterity. The more points you have in it, the better. Because you’re already at Level 200, I think it’d be possible for you to allocate 99 points in Dexterity. That’s a great way to maximise damage with your curved greatsword.

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Strength is also somewhat important for this build, and I suggest allocating about 20 points in the category.

As always, Vigour and Endurance are very important for any build. Allocate points in the respective skills as you see fit.

You will also need some FP in order to perform weapon skills, but don’t think too much of allocating many points in the Mind category. In most cases, the default amount of FP you will have with your character will be enough.

If you have points to spare (which you will, as you level up further), allocate them in Vigour, Endurance or Mind in order to make your build more consistent.

The Weapon

Unlike my other builds, the choice of weapon is important here. While you certainly can use any Curved Greatsword, I highly encourage you to use the Bloodhound’s Fang. This is the best weapon for this build and the skills/Talismans we use are based on this weapon.

This weapon will also cause Blood Loss build-up, which is one of the most powerful Status Ailments in the entire game. Continuous attacks will cause your enemy to haemorrhage blood and lose a good amount of health. That’s another reason to use the Bloodhound’s Fang.

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Needless to say, you must upgrade the Curved Greatsword to the maximum level (Level 10) using Sombre Smithing Stones. Because the Bloodhound’s Fang is a unique weapon, you cannot change the infusion or the Ash of War. Speaking of the Ash of War, let’s discuss the next important part of our build.

Bloodhound’s Finesse

Bloodhound’s Finesse is the Ash of War of the Bloodhound’s Fang, and it’s a fast attack combined with a dodge. This is a great skill that you can use to deal considerable damage to your opponent while ensuring you’re at a safe distance.

The Shield and Armour

The armour you choose can be whatever you see fit. However, I do recommend using armour that does not weigh much. And heavy armour doesn’t really fit with the theme of our build. The shield, however, is important.

The Shield

This is my choice for the shield for this build.

You can either use the Brass Shield or the Banished Knight’s Shield. The main reason for using a shield is to do Guard Counters. Do not use Greatshields. If you like parrying your enemies’ attacks, use the Buckler Small shield. But this shield provides very little damage negation and you will take damage even when you block to do the Guard Counter. You can also infuse your Shield with any skill you like. But allocating the “No Skill” skill on it will allow you to perform the Sword’s Ash of War without unequipping the shield. Do not give it the heavy affinity, however, because this is mainly a Dexterity build.

The Talismans

Assuming that you have 99 Dexterity, you don’t need the Prosthesis-Wearer’s Heirloom in this build. However, if you don’t have 99 DEX, use this Talisman.

Starscourge Heirloom is important for us to raise our Strength further because the Bloodhound’s Fang also scales with Strength.

An NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring

Curved Sword Talisman is essential for us because we will depend on Guard Counters. This talisman boosts Guard Counter damage by a whopping 20%.

An NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring

The above two are the most important talismans for this build. Use the remaining two slots to include talismans that you like. Radagon’s Soreseal is a good choice for one slot.

Mixed Physick

An NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring

Use the Strength-Knot Crystal Tear to temporarily boost your Strength when you drink the flask. You can include whatever Tear you like in the other slot.

The Playstyle

The way of combat is pretty self-explanatory. You will utilise blocking, guard countering and the Ash of War of your curved Greatsword.

What do you think of our NG+ Curved Greatsword Build for Elden Ring? Let us know!