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Angry Alligator is a reptile adventure coming to PS4 and Switch

Angry Alligator

Angry Alligator lets you play as a little baby alligator who grows while eating everything in your path.

Lion Castle and GS2 Games have unveiled Angry Alligator, a new adventure game that will be available this autumn for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It looks… unique.

Angry Alligator allows players to take on the role of a hungry alligator on a journey to eat everything that moves and more in order to grow big and powerful enough to face the difficulties ahead. Attract birds, deer, and even bears into your powerful jaws, or go up against huge scary boss creatures and annoying visitors.

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The fate of the swamp lies on your scaled shoulders

Explore a vibrant and vast open world teeming with critters to meet and eat. Take in everything that nature has to offer – at least the portions that those nasty hoomans haven’t yet contaminated.

Are you concerned that this work is too difficult for a small gobbler like yourself? Don’t be concerned. On your muddy journey to gator glory, you’ll be mentored by none other than Wisecroc, the smartest of them all.

Angry Alligator will be available this October for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in all countries, both digitally and physically.

Watch Angry Alligator’ announcement teaser down below

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3eoy8zCBHU&w=1280&h=721]