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Angry Alligator launches on PS4 and PS5

Angry Alligator

After first launching on the Nintendo Switch, the crazy adventure of this alligator arrives on PlayStation consoles.

Backup Plan in collaboration with GS2 Games has announced that the wacky and colorful open-world adventure Angry Alligator is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 after launching on Nintendo Switch in October 2021. Join a young baby gator on his mission to become a large, carnivorous full-grown reptile.

Eat everything in your way

You will explore a large open world full of creatures to meet and eat in this entertaining, colorful, and semi-educational adventure that will teach you what life is like for an alligator in a very strange and humorous way.

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Angry Alligator

In the voyage of this furious alligator that aims to become the most feared animal in the swamp and the globe, lure birds, deer, or even bears into your enormous jaws. Or you can go up against huge, nasty boss beasts and troublesome visitors.

Also, in specific regions of the game world, Angry Alligator makes a protest that attempts to raise consciousness of man’s degradation of natural places, as we will witness locations with high levels of pollution due to rubbish, plastic, chemicals, and so on. A great method to promote awareness is to consume everything in your path as an alligator.

Angry Alligator is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Watch the launch trailer down below!